View Full Version : Rules reminders- PLEASE READ

02-16-2006, 02:34 PM
This is to serve as a reminder to all forum members.

It is against forum rules to have duplicate accounts.

To participate in the game used universe including the forum, you must provide valid information in your profile.

For example- if your user name is MrBaseball- you must list your real name in the registration form, and not
First Name: Mr.
Last Name: Baseball

People should also know that I can see people's IP addresses, so if you're posting from the same IP address under 2 different accounts, it will register as such under my administrator settings and you will be suspended.

One more point- I can also see when new accounts are registered. Occassionally I will email new registrants to see if they are providing a valid email address. Please have the courtesy of writing back to me.

Thank you and I'm happy to talk further about any of these points.