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I know when pete rose DIDN'T order s2 bats, but when did he? and in what lengths? thanks, ken

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I believe the questions is in regards to the S2 I have on ebay. Here is a post from Dave Bushing.

"While the S2 model does not show up in personal records from the era of your bat, we know for a fact that the team ordered assorted bats for the players and they were used by both the players whose name appears on the bat as well as other players on the team. Look no futher than all of the mid 1950's O1 model Ted Williams bats out there. His personal records show one shipment yet we have obtained these models from several different ball players who stated in notarized letters that they obtained the bat directly from Williams. The length of the bat in question , 34", is cause for greatest concern, not to say that Rose could not have used a 34" bat as he did order and use some 34" models. In fact, his first ever bat was a 34" K55 model sent on 5-10-61. His last personal record of a 34" S2 was shipped on 2-17-64. The last personal record of an S2 model was shipped on 4-24-70 at 36" so the 34" S2 model was familiar to him and could have been used by him for any number of reasons but would have to be considered an index bat."

Let me know if you have any other questions about the bat.



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Pete Rose H & B Model S2 Bats

November 13 2005, 2:36 PM
Hi --

Here is some more specific info on Pete Rose Model S2 bats from the H & B factory records. Pete's first order of Model S2 bats was shipped on 2/17/64 and measured 34 inches in length and 31 ounces(9 bats). Throughout the remainder of the 1961-1964 labeling period he made orders of S2 bats in the following dimensions: 35 inches/33 ounces (30 bats) and 36 inches/33 ounces (12 bats).

During the 1965-1968 H & B labeling period, Model S2 was Rose's bat of choice.Throughout that period he made one order of S2 bats measuring 34.5 inches/33 ounces (6 bats). He also ordered S2 bats that were 35 inches in length in weights of 33 ounces (12 bats) and 34.5 ounces (6 bats).The vast majority of his S2 bats during this labeling period were 36 inches in length, and weighed between 32 and 36 ounces (429 bats), with 33 ounces and 34 ounces being the most common weight.

During the 1969-1972 H & B labeling period, Rose only ordered Model S2 bats during the early part of the labeling period. All S2 orders during this labeling period were 36 inches in length and weighed between 33 ounces and 34 ounces (121 bats). His last order of this model during this labeling period is dated 8/18/70 (All-Star bats). His last regular order is dated 3/23/70. At that point Pete switched to primarily Model S222 bats until 1975, at which time Rose began ordering a range of different models.

There is no documented evidence in H & B factory records that Rose ordered any Model S2 bats for game use between 8/18/70 and the end of his playing career in 1986. Note, however, that many Pete Rose Model S2 bats were ordered for promotional reasons from 1986 through 1997. These orders were sent to "Baseball Promotions," "Baseball Miscellaneous," Mead Chasky Sports, Pete Rose Promotions, Ison Sports Marketing, B & G Promotions, and others. These bats, from the 1986-89, 1990, and 1991-97 labeling periods were sent in lengths of 34 inches and 34.5 inches most of the time, a length shorter than the majority of Rose's game used bats.

The rule of thumb in Rose Model S2 game used bats is to find one manufactured during the 1961-64, 1965-68, or 1969-72 labeling period measuring either 35 or 36 inches in length. There has always been controversy and disagreement between collectors about Rose's use of S2 bats during the 1973-75 and 1977-79 labeling periods. His use of that model during the 1970's is not supported by factory records, however was reported as having been witnessed by reputable members of the collecting community.

Good Luck in future collecting.


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Question about the S2 models from the 1977 to 1979 labeling period: I have an S2 that measures 34.5 inches but has the registered trademark "r" on the knob near the S2 marking. Is there a reason for this? Thanks.