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03-24-2008, 02:18 PM
typical ebay sellers! i recently bought a bat that when received was not as described. upon reaching the seller, they told me that they were not aware of the damage, but would refund my money minus 10%!

i have to sent it back which is going to cost me because shipping is not free, and they want to stiff me on that too.

they made that mistake of not disclosing the info and now want me to pay for it! what a deadbeat! i will never deal with them again!:eek: :mad:

03-24-2008, 02:22 PM
Can you please post the ebay link?


03-24-2008, 05:40 PM
File a complain with paypal you will get a full refund and shipping. But you would have to pay to return it.

03-24-2008, 06:46 PM
you have dispute rights on your credit card if you used one , even if used through paypal .....

03-24-2008, 06:48 PM
typical ebay sellers! i recently bought a bat that when received was not as described. upon reaching the seller, they told me that they were not aware of the damage, but would refund my money minus 10%!

i have to sent it back which is going to cost me because shipping is not free, and they want to stiff me on that too.

they made that mistake of not disclosing the info and now want me to pay for it! what a deadbeat! i will never deal with them again!:eek: :mad:

I would have to say your non-typical ebay seller , I rarely have any issues with ebay...............

03-24-2008, 08:50 PM
the seller is 877redsox9. this my email:
i received the bat today but nowhere in the description does it say it has "deadwood on the barrel". i am not very happy about the fact that this info was not disclosed in the auction. if i knew it was like this i would not have bid on it. if you do not know what that is i can email you a pic of what i am talking about.
can i get a full refund on it, being now that i have to pay to send it back? thanks.
his response:
i do not recall dead wood on that bat. i recall some grain seperation from use. please return the bat and i will refund the sum of $24.38, less a $10% service fee of $2.43 for a total refund of $21.95! you will not get shipping refunded. please make sure the bat is packaged safely and securly as it was when you received it, please use priority mail with signature confirmation, as this is required by paypal if you wish to open a dispute. i will sell it to the nice young man who politely asked about it.
my response:
it is the same thing. in which case, that is not disclosed anywhere in the item description. i can't ship it back for free so i am not going to be out of shipping twice? it is a mistake on your part for not describing the item correctly and now i have to pay for it? and you want an additional 10% too? that is not ligit.
we do not refund shipping! that is the way it is. if you do not like it, file a paypal complaint. of course, they do not require me to refund shipping either. so, you can either file a complaint with paypal, ship the item back, with signature confirmation, as they will require you to do-- as i have just gone through the process, and pay the 8.90 plus $2.10 for the signature confirmation for a total of $11. i will wave the restocking fee. you will be getting back the $24.38. since you are spending $11 on sending it back, you will be netting $13.38. if this is not to your liking, tough!!! file the complaint!!! i have never seen anyone be as much of a pain in the ass as you are being over a $25 bat!!! my god, loosen the purse strings and live a little! or, go ahead, file a complaint, and enjoy the early bird special with the $13.38 you will get out of it! at this point, i do not care. i am blocking you from my next bat listings as your business is not worth the pain in the ass that you will surely be! we got that bat out to you in a blizzard because you were a grumpy asshole when my wife simply asked you a question! now you are being a dick about a frickin 25$ bat??? go fuck yourself!
what a moron. i don't have time to deal with people like this.

03-24-2008, 08:54 PM
wow....that's crazy!

03-24-2008, 09:11 PM
I second the crazy comment... I have never seen anything like that.

I have dealt with some real winners on ebay, who have been nothing short of irate at the most minute things, but that is just over the edge.

I think that guy could use a beer.

03-24-2008, 11:48 PM
Wow, that guy needs to take some Prozac. I would send a copy of that email to ebay as it is hostile and profanity laced. They may boot him off for it because I have seen it done before. Then you would get the last laugh.

03-25-2008, 04:44 AM
He tells you it is only a $25 bat then what is his problem..I believe he is wrong also about paypal whenever I have had a problem I have always got a full refund.But I would report him to ebay the language is uncalled for.Good Luck

03-25-2008, 09:23 AM
Did you pay with a credit card? If you did, charge it back and send it back to the seller using USPS w/delivery confirmation. Send it back in packed the cheapest way possible don't worry about packing it properly so that it does not get damaged in shipping, your credit card will only care that the item was returned and that you can prove it. You will not get the money back for the return shipping but you will get a full refund on the price you paid including the shipping cost to send it to you.

First rule of buying on ebay is to always pay with a credit card because they will defend you a hell of a lot better than ebay or paypal. Your credit card will put the money back into your account immediately and paypal has to deal with the seller, let them wait for the seller to refund the money to them.

03-25-2008, 09:49 AM
Momem55 ,

grain separation , bat checking , dead wood is a good thing on a bat !

It shows the bat was used till it could not be used any more .

Sounds like a nicely used bat , please post pictures ......

03-25-2008, 10:09 AM
Hi , here's the link . looks like a pretty nice bat to me , that shows lots of nice use .....

what more could you ask for in a game used bat ?

there were at least one or two threads on dead wood before here on GUU .

You would be surprised how many collectors prefer it ......

Believe me dead wood is a good thing , on your baseball bats that is ....:D

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140215232527&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fsearch.ebay.com%3A80%2Fsearch%2Fse arch.dll%3Ffrom%3DR40%26_trksid%3Dm37%26satitle%3D 140215232527%2509%26category0%3D%26fvi%3D1

03-25-2008, 12:04 PM
i didn't pay with a card. the money is withdrawn from my account. i have ended communication with the person and don't want anything to do with them.
after all that, he refunded me some money and told me to screw off and keep the bat. talk about weird?:confused:

it is not that the damage is not good, he didn't disclose that info. that is my beef. had he described it properly, none of this would have happened.

03-25-2008, 01:06 PM
no problem , no one likes surprises , some people do not know what dead wood is .

I don't know if that is the case or not???

03-25-2008, 01:32 PM
I'd agree with Camarokid. It sounds like maybe he really didn't know about deadwood. Looking through his history it looks like he sells a lot of jerseys. Perhaps he's like me and doesn't know a ton about bats. I only own about 5 bats, but I know when I received my only bat with deadwood, I was like "Ah, that is what they are talking about!" To me, it was better to have the deadwood than a bat that looks brand new.

You may not like this, but if the Brumley auction is the one in question - then I don't think I would have listed it any differently. Afterall, he did say it showed "excellent use" and even said that it "appears uncracked". To me, if deadwood was an issue, I think those phrases would have been something that triggered me to ask specifically about deadwood or why he wasn't sure if it was cracked. I even think he went above and beyond by providing 5 pictues that showed every side of the bat. Your questions were not reason for him to drop the "F" Bomb and several others. For that he was wrong and very unprofessional. (However, I know we all have those days that we just lose it, for no reason. Perhaps this was one of those days.) However, I don't believe there was a right to ask for a return as he showed tons of pictures and clearly had "All sales are final". That's just my 2cents, which might not mean much since I don't collect a ton of bats.

03-25-2008, 01:32 PM
that's it, surprises.

03-25-2008, 03:00 PM
Growing up as a kid , my mom would tell me , always try and put yourself in the other persons shoes .....

I feel you are blowing this way out of proportion .......

I wonder why the seller said you were grumpy to his wife when she asked you a question ?

I know if someone is rude to my wife , I would use a few more choice words than he did .....and then some !

I have to agree with the seller on this one ......

I feel you have been quite petty about the transaction.....

You received a very nice GAME USED bat with a lot of use and at a great price . Apparently a rare bat to boot . Deadwood is caused from the ball being repeatedly hit in the same area ......

The seller took the high road and refunded part of your money to make his problem go away ......

The deadwood being present was actually a bonus , should have been viewed as a positive surprise ......

Just my two and a half cents .......

03-25-2008, 03:47 PM
Sounds like this guy was reasonably fair and polite in his initial response. After making accommodations, it sounds like he lost his patience when he got pushed over a $25 bat.