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01-24-2010, 11:06 PM
Not game used, but a very nice blue Reebok sz 50, Peyton Manning autographed jersey from Upper Deck Authenticated. Has been in its original box and stored in a cool dry non-smoking home since it was obtained in 2005. Has only seen the light of day a few very brief times. Has a great bold signature.

Asking $450 shipped.




01-28-2010, 08:55 PM
I think I've replied to all emails and inquiries.

I'm dropping the asking price to $400 shipped. Best regards.

01-30-2010, 11:00 AM
Sold pending payment. Thanks

01-30-2010, 12:49 PM
Should have hung on for another week - will be worth a couple hundred more after next Sunday.

01-30-2010, 01:53 PM
Should have hung on for another week - will be worth a couple hundred more after next Sunday.

Wow, are you 100% certain of the outcome of next Sunday's game? Thats pretty impressive, I think Vegas is only at about 7-8% on the Colts. And you are certain that this one win will lead to a 50% increase in value.

The hobby markets are a strange, fickle beast and often respond counter-intuitively.

Hobby markets are predicated on two things. Supply and Demand.
1) Demand is often directly related to the amount of hype. Hype is higher before the Super Bowl than after it, except in the cases of breakout players, like say Deion Branch a couple years back. The known superstars, aka Peyton Manning generally do not get superb extra-hype after performing to expectations or even above expectations. In fact, there may be what I like to call a "hype-hangover" even if he performs great. Rational and patient buyers may stay away in the days and weeks after the Super Bowl, based on their perception that Peyton's hype is at its peak and prices will cool in the next couple of months into the offseason, when they can buy at a relative bargain.
2) Supply... Right now, I'm one of only a couple UDA jerseys on the market. While you are predicting the future, can you tell me how many additional jerseys will flood the market in the hours and days after the Super Bowl? And if there is an influx in supply, will that supply have any downward impact on prices realized?

For a little real market experience... I held on until after the SB with a Roethlisberger UDA jersey and they sold for more during the pre-Super Bowl hype, than after the win. So I can't say that your assertion is a certainty and I dont think you can honestly claim it to be a certainty either, in fact it may be a false assumption based on my market research/experience.

Obviously, selling before the Super Bowl holds certain risks, such as the loss of potential for future appreciation. And I won't be surprised if a few sell for more in the hours and days after the Super Bowl.

Of course I was fully cognizant of the risks and rewards when I made my decision to sell and weighed them appropriately to make the decision I felt was right for me. The only thing I don't understand is if this was such a stupidly good deal, why didnt you jump on it for a quick flip and double your money? :rolleyes:

01-30-2010, 02:06 PM
Actually the reason your post initially caught my eye is that I have an UDA Manning hanging in my office - mine has the old Puma logo on it. Got it for a song years ago plus a white one I sold after the first SB win.

Of course, I don't KNOW they will win but seriously the Saints D won't stop him unless he is hurt. The defenses he has just torched the last few weeks are light years better than the Saints D.

Here is what I do know - a 2nd SB win by the Colts will cement him in the conversation for Greatest QB of all time with Montana and Brady. And No Big Ben isn't close to being there yet because his first SB was won INSPITE of him.

Sure more Peyton stuff will appear on the market but the UDA stuff is unquestioned in being authentic and therefore will always command a higher price. If you are happy with the deal then that is all that matters so congrats on that.

01-30-2010, 02:09 PM
Cheers Jack, its all in good humor, glad to see you take it well. Best wishes.:)