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05-11-2010, 08:45 AM
In an effort to provide special benefits to our members, this week Game Used Universe will be running a “Make an Offer” sale in conjunction with JO Sports of Las Vegas Nevada. Here is how the program will work:

Beginning now through 8:00 pm PST on Friday, May 14, Game Used Universe members can submit a “Best Offer” for any item on the JO Sports website located at www.josportsco.com (http://www.josportsco.com/). At 8:00 pm PST on Friday, May 14, Game Used Universe will determine the HIGHEST offer for each item and present all the HIGHEST offers to JO Sports for consideration. Once the offers are submitted, JO Sports will inform us of the offers they are willing to accept and those submitting the accepted offers will be notified by Game Used Universe by 8:00 pm PST on Sunday, May 16th.

Among other things, JO Sports inventory includes items from the following teams and players:

1. 2009 New York Jets
2. 2009 Minnesota Vikings
3. 2008 St. Louis Rams with Georgia Patch
4. 2010 San Diego Chargers playoff uniforms vs. NY Jets includes pants
5. AFL game worn jerseys and pants
6. 2006-2007 large allotment of Washington Redskins
7. 2008-2009 Washington Redskins
8. 2010 Oakland Raiders jerseys, uniforms, helmets, AFL jerseys
9. 2004-2006 Minnesota Vikings jerseys and practice jerseys
10. 2007-2009 Chicago Bears
11. Autograph memorabilia Adrian Peterson, Tomlinson and more

Regarding accepted offers, please note that all standard shipping and handling fees will apply when items are shipped.

All offers must be submitted via email to sales@gameuseduniverse.com (sales@gameuseduniverse.com) before 8:00 pm PST on Friday, May 14th. Please note that if offers for the same amount on a specific item are submitted, the offer with the earliest email time stamp will be submitted to JO Sports for consideration. Obviously, if there are no two exact same offers on the same item, the offer in the highest amount will be submitted. Therefore, it is suggested that you place offers of the highest amount you are willing to offer given there may be multiple offers on the same items. We also suggest you make your offers as early as possible in case your offer is in the same amount as another member.

We are excited to make this offer available to Game Used Universe members and hope you have fun with it. We look forward to your participation and providing an additional means for our members to acquire quality sports memorabilia.

Christopher Cavalier
CEO – Game Used Universe

05-16-2010, 10:23 PM
Hello Everyone,

Thanks to all who have submitted offers. There were quite a few offers and all of them have been submitted to JO Sports for their review. I spoke with Jarrod today and they are evaluating all the offers. As such, we will likey need until tomorrow to notify everyone of the offers that have been accepted.

Thank you for your patience and we will get back to everyone as quickly as possible.


05-18-2010, 01:46 AM
As promised, JO Sports has been very gracious in this program and has done everything they can to try to accommodate the offers made by our members. In fact, I think it is fair to say the have tried to extend themselves as far as possible regarding the GUU member offers.

Specifically, there were a total of 114 offers of which JO Sports accepted 70. There are also 28 offers for which JO Sports has come back with counter offers and only 16 offers that were declined.

I had the opportunity to review all the offers and I will say that I think JO Sports was extremely giving in accepting many of the offers they did. I hope others will join me in thanking JO Sports for what they are doing for members of GUU.

We will be sending out emails on Tuesday to let everyone know if their offers were accepted and/or if there are counter offers from JO Sports. We will also be sending out invoices over the next few days. Again, given the number of offers, we also want to thank everyone for their patience in allowing us the time to handle all the requests that came in.