View Full Version : Regarding Steve Mears

06-23-2010, 12:57 AM
As those who have been around on the forum for any length of time already know, Game Used Universe has banned Steve Mears from using the GUU site. Unfortunately, Mr. Mears has attempted numerous times to enroll under new aliases and each time these new incarnations have also been banned by the forum moderators.

While we are evaluating implementing additional registration protocols going forward to verify user identity upon enrollment (a step we were hoping not to have to do), I want to make it clear to all members the current stance GUU has taken regarding Mr. Mears.

Mr. Mears has been banned for excessive rule violations which include baiting and attacking other members and use of profanity and vulgarities. In addition, we have received emails from other members which document private correspondences where Mr. Mears included personal threats and the use of profanity that would make an inmate cringe. All of these things are physically documented including the deleted posts on the site which are stored in the system.

As is always the case, any future attempts of Mr. Mears to participate on the forum will be met with the same administrative action as always. However, until we implement future registration measures, I would suggest that members do not go back and forth with anyone who tries to bait them on the site as it will likely be Mr. Mears or someone or similar character. Since such posters will be banned quickly and the posts will be deleted, I would suggest you don’t get into any banter with such people but simply notify the moderators via the ‘Contact Forum Moderator’ link and administrative action will be taken expeditiously.

Ironically, I have been told Mr. Mears is a collector that could be a consumer of both goods and services in the sports memorabilia industry. However, with that said, I will state unequivocally that Mr. Mears will never be allowed on the Game Used Universe site and will not have consent to interact with any of our members no matter how much money he is capable of spending.

Christopher Cavalier
CEO – Game Used Universe