View Full Version : What are the rules for teams to sell GU items of non-pro draft picks for baseball?

06-29-2010, 12:13 PM
I ask because there were a number of GU Team USA baseball jerseys on MLB.com and not everyone on there had signed a pro contract yet.

My understanding was, if someone is unsigned, then their jerseys should not be sold. Hence MLB.com cancelling the Strasburg jerseys that were for sale last year.

Well, there were some highschool draft picks who are still unsigned whose jerseys sold. They could end up going to college over the pros. I thought this would be a similar situation. I was just curious on what the official rules were?

I won an auction and I thought the player signed, but they did not yet. Granted, he still could sign before the deadline, but if he doesn't and ends up playing college ball, did Team USA just violate a rule of the game?

06-30-2010, 09:42 AM
Brian - the short answer is no. Equipment like game used jerseys belong to the organization and they have the right to sell. National governing bodies like USA Baseball are not NCAA member institutions and are treated a little differently. (See the first by-law below) Another example are the Team USA cards that are issued each year, it would not be permissible for a school to sell but an NGB can do so per the by-law listed below. Sale and Distribution of Promotional Items. Promotional items (e.g., posters, postcards, film, videotapes) bearing the name or picture of a student-athlete and related to these events may be sold or distributed by the national or international sports governing body sponsoring these events or its designated third-party distributors. Exception—Olympic/National Team. A national governing body may sell player/trading cards that bear the name or picture of a student-athlete who is a member of the Olympic/national team in that sport, provided all of the funds generated through the sale of such cards are deposited directly with the applicable Olympic/national team. (Adopted: 1/6/96)

06-30-2010, 11:27 AM
But I know that Team USA will not sell jerseys until a player signs a pro contract. I had a friend contact them inquiring on a player's jersey and they said they could not sell until the player has signed a pro contract. I am just trying to confirm this and figure out why?

06-30-2010, 01:22 PM
There are two possible answers, first they want to make sure that they don't jeopardize the players' college eligibility and second, they tend to sit on the jerseys and list for auction just after the draft each year thereby maximizing revenue. It's not a hard policy for them since as unlikely as it may be, Bryce Harper does have eligibly left and could elect to not sign with the Nationals and go back to school. Most of the jerseys they auctioned off last week are from players that have not signed a pro contract. Most probably will but you know how negotiations go, especially for the high school kids that sign just before the first day of college classes.