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08-30-2006, 10:57 AM
Hi, Do we have Jim Rice's bat records?

Thanks George

08-30-2006, 09:53 PM
Hi George - yes we do. Let me know what you are looking for and I can answer your questions. Thanks, Jim

08-31-2006, 06:08 AM
Hi George - you asked about Rice's records from 1980 - 1985. Here is some recent info from Mike Specht on Louisville Slugger 1984 and 1985 bats........

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Hi George--

Here's the Jim Rice info from 1984 and 1985:

C243- 34 inches / 32 ounces Flame Trreated
34.5 inches / 32.5 oz FT
35 inches / 32, 33 oz FT - Wax - No Finish
36 inches / 33.5 oz FT - No Finish

C243C- 35 inches / 33 oz FT

R206- 34 inches / 31, 32 oz - FT
34.5 inches / 32.5 oz FT
35 inches / 33, 33.5, 34 oz FT - Hickory - No Finish
36 inches / 33.5 oz - No Finish

Note: Model R206 was first made to Jim Rice's specifications on 3/9/77.

O64- 35 inches / 33 oz No Finish

W273- 35 inches / 33 oz FT

Models C271C, R43, and R161 were ordered by Baseball Miscellaneous, some with specific length and weight specifications and others without such specs.

If you have questions about a specific bat, post it and possibly the time frame can be narrowed a within the 1984-1985 time frame. Some of the models listed above were also sent to Baseball Miscellaneous.

Good Luck in future collecting.

Mike Jackitout7@aol.com

In 1980, Rice ordered D113 bats early in the year - three orders of Natural Finish 36" and 34 ounce bats. He also had one order of Walker Finish B298 model bats which were 36" and 34 ounces. In April, he sent to Lousiville an Adirondack 288RJ ( Reggie Jackson ) Sal Bando model and requested some tweaking to his B298 model. A new R212 model was created for him. He then submitted another 288RJ Adirondack bat and asked for some modifications to the R212 and the R213 model was created for him. The R214 model was created for him when he asked Louisville to shave the handle 1/16th of an inch on the B298 model ( which was the Bando 288RJ Adirondack ). The rest of 1980 he ordered these new Louisville models in length of 36" and weights that ranged from 35 - 36.5 ounces. He also ordered B267 Natural Wide Grain bats that year.......

In 1981, Rice ordered R214, R213, and R212 bats once again, along with C270 model bats. Lengths were 35.5" - 36" and weights were from 32 ounces to 34 ounces. He also had one order each for R206 and C243 Flame Treated bats - both orders 36" and 33 ounces.

In 1982, Rice ordered D113, R212, S2, N110, C271 and R206 Flame Treated model bats. Bats were typically 36" in length and 33 to 34 ounces.

In 1983, Rice ordered C243, R206, R212 Flame Treated models with 34.5" - 36" lengths and weights in the 31 to 34 ounce range.

George - if you have a specific bat you want to zero in on for length and weight in a specific year and order, please let me know. Jim - jcaravello@nc.rr.com