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10-31-2006, 03:34 PM
Hi There GUU,
I would like your opinion on whether I got a good deal on this Jorge Cantu bat. I didn't pay more than a $100 for the bat.
The bat has tons of use with major grain seperation and pine tar and the lower half of the bat has been shaved to the knob . Tons of ball mark/scuffs. I took a chance and bought it not knowing what number it had written on it or what year it was from . The seller had it listed as "this past year". But seeing that it was a Rawling's and still had the team name on it instead of -PRO- , I knew otherwise. Plus it had Tampa Bay Rays instead of Devil Rays under the Players name , I have seen these date stamped no earlier than 2001.
I was told by a collector/dealer that Rawlings was thinking the Devil Rays were going to change their name. Anway #13 is on the bat , barely able to see it on the handle end ,it's almost worn off . Cantu was #3 at Durham . Since turning pro in 2004 was #59 ,since 2005 has been #3 . After searching online and even calling The St.Pete Times Sports desk with no luck . I forgot all about my media guides and I found in the Devil Rays 2002 Media Guide (what couldn't be found on-line) a picture of Cantu listed with the number 13 . The bat has the date stamped "02" and a low order number of "058" and model number " 155B". After seeing the info in the media guide , I am really happy and now I like the bat a lot. Now I remember why I bought a complete set of Devil Rays Media Guides . They are an excellent tool for finding uniform numbers ,especially spring training . I also like www.baseballalmanac.com . will post pics in a minute .

10-31-2006, 03:36 PM
Heres the pictures....2125



11-02-2006, 08:19 AM
I too and a BIg cantu collector, and I ahev everyone of their media guides dating back to 98, yes I firmly believe that cantu bat was game used...i have these cantu items

game used hat

game used bat used on 7/20/06 I was at the game (still have the ticket stub), he signed the bat and hit a home run that day and dated the bat as well

game used tarpons #3 jersey autographed

game used #59 rookie jersey autographed in person

11-02-2006, 02:39 PM
hi Jake, this is my first Cantu game used item . Do you ever travel down to St. Petersburg, FL (home of the Devil Rays and Tropicana Field ,not Tampa)? If so shoot me an email and we'll meet you at the stadium . I am working on a collection of at least 1 game used bat from every Devil Ray position player to log at least 1 official MLB at bat in their History . I need 57 more to go to be complete thru the 2006 season .....I have most all the big names except CC , Rocco , Delmon Young , BJ Upton , Tino Martinez (2004) and Ozzie Guillen (2001)...Thanks .....