View Full Version : Oh boy, more suspensions are coming...

03-05-2013, 12:15 PM

03-05-2013, 12:54 PM
I doubt it's real considering its in no legit sites.

03-05-2013, 02:09 PM
That site loves to open pop-ups. I wouldn't click that link if you have an older computer like I do.

I love the news yesterday that Bud Selig wants stiffer penalties for drug abusers they catch. I would like to know 20 years ago, 15 years ago, why Bud didn't want any punishment for these drug abusers as he turned his head the other way but now he wants stiffer punishments?

You can't let them abuse the drugs to save the sport you and the owners ruined with strikes and lock-outs and then suddenly support the other side. It's like the guy who smokes cigarettes for 30 years, quits and preaches and nags people not to smoke.

03-05-2013, 11:05 PM
I doubt it's real considering its in no legit sites.

No legit site can touch something like this without a positive test for a PED or an actual suspension. If his 'source' knows what they are talking about, it will suck for the Yankees.

06-04-2013, 09:53 PM
Looks like the story might be true after all: