View Full Version : Rockies Bobble Heads 2013

03-13-2013, 10:32 PM
So the Rockies continue to find ways to screw their fans -

This is the Rockies 20th Anniversary Celebration (last year was Year of the Fan - so they said) and they announced they would do a slew of Bobble Heads for give aways...

Well, the Bobble Head list came out today - 9 Bobbles originally announced is now 10.

1st, it was going to be a Bobble a Sunday for the 1st 9 Sunday Home Games. Now it's 8 Bobbles on various Sundays and # 9 is on the last home game of the season - against the Boston Red Sox. A game you had to win a Code for to buy tickets and already the most expensive Final Home Game ticket in Rockies History.

NOW, to add insult to injury, they have added a 10th Bobble - Carlos Gonzalez. BUT, you can't get it as a give away - at the stadium at least. It's ONLY available at the Dugout stores and ONLY two ways to get it...

1) You pay $250.00 for the ENTIRE set and get #10 (Yes it comes with a nice acrylic stand for the set) - even though you may have already collected the 1st 9... ($199.00 for the set if you are a Season ticket Holder)

2) You come in and SPEND $150.00 at the Dugout Store and you get Cargo Bobble as Give Away with purchase.

So, if you supported the team and bought tickets to at least 9 games (1/9 th of the Season) which includes the expensive Final Home Game of the Season, you can go give the Rockies some MORE money if you want the entire set.

If you're in a good enough position to have dropped coin for Season Tickets, you still haven't spent enough if you want Bobble # 10.

Way to ruin what was shaping up to be an awesome promotion Rockies! Not that we should expect anything more from the cheapest owners in sports.