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08-20-2014, 05:52 PM
Hello Everyone,

I wanted to provide you with some exciting news regarding Goldin Auctions. I have heard it said recently that if you are sports memorabilia collector and you haven't heard of Goldin Auctions and its meteoric growth over the last few years then you must be living on another planet. While that statement may seem a bit funny, if you are watching the sports memorabilia industry with any real interest it would be pretty hard to miss seeing Goldin Auctions given the amount of visibility we have been getting as well as the record prices we have realized. In fact, the 1918 Babe Ruth player contract we sold last month for over $1.02 million was the highest amount EVER paid for a player contract. It was also the second item we have sold an item for over $1 million in auction. Just last year, we also sold a Honus Wagner T-206 trading card for over $2.1 million. Here is an article about the Ruth contract from ESPN:


Given the amazing growth we have experienced and the brand recognition we have created, Goldin Auctions will be launching a non-sports memorabilia auction to accompany our sports memorabilia auction scheduled to go live in January 2015. This will mean even more exposure to additional bidders for our sports memorabilia consignors as well as an opportunity for people to consign non-sports related memorabilia to the fastest growing auction house in the industry. For our initial non-sports auction, we will be focusing primarily on Hollywood, rock and roll and political memorabilia. Consignors of these items to Goldin Auctions will benefit from world class marketing similar to what we did with our July Babe Ruth Centennial auction. Goldin's efforts regarding the Babe Ruth Centennial Auction included:

1) Sending out nearly 900,000 8-page 'Sneak Peek' brochures prior to the auction going live. The distribution of the brochure included:

a) Members of the Goldin Auctions database;
b) Members of the PSA database (PSA is the leading authentication company in the industry);
c) Key people within the Dupont Registry
d) Other sources targeting high net worth individuals from the Robb Report, Haute Living magazine, the Babe Ruth Museum mailing list, etc.

If, for some reason, you haven't seen the brochure, here is an online version you can view:


2) The largest distribution of our catalog to date. Notably, the mailing included two separate catalogs, one for the live auction items and one for the internet auction items.

3) Our CEO Ken Goldinís appearance on CNBC on Friday, June 20th discussing some of the key items in the auction. In case you didnít have a chance to see it, here is a clip of the segment (please note it may take a few seconds to load and there will be a brief commercial before the segment starts):


4) Ken's appearance on Bloomberg Television on June 26th to commemorate Derek Jeter's 40th birthday. Here is a clip of the segment (again, this may take a few seconds to load with a brief commercial prior to the segment airing):


5) Kenís appearance on Fox Business on July 1st. Here is a clip of the segment (again, this may take a few seconds to load with a brief commercial prior to the segment airing):


6) Kenís three appearances on ESPN Mint Condition highlighting various items from the auction.

7) A number of the auction items were on display at the Yogi Berra Museum in New Jersey for nearly a week leading up to the auction.

8) A two-page spread in Forbes Life Magazine. The publication targets high net worth individuals and has a circulation of approximately 860,000 people.

9) Additional, over-the-top advertising throughout the sports memorabilia industry including marketing in over 100 card shops, multiple trade shows and numerous museums throughout the nation.

10) A preview night/cocktail party event for all the live auction items on July 11th at the Babe Ruth/Sports Legends Museum in Baltimore, Maryland after displaying the items at the museum the entire week leading up to the auction.

With the entire sports memorabilia collecting world taking notice of Goldin Auctions, we are extremely excited to enter new ground in January and avail our auctions to new consignors and new bidders. If you are interested in consigning your items to this historic auction, please let me know as soon as possible so I can assist you. I can be reached at chris@gameuseduniverse.com or chris@goldinauctions.com. As always, we would consider it an honor to represent your items in our auction.