View Full Version : Nolan Ryan Angels McAuliffe

11-03-2014, 08:09 PM
An item I reviewed recently reminded me of a McAuliffe retail jersey genre not yet discussed...mid-1970's home Nolan Ryan Angels jerseys.

The few times I've seen these, they generally are missing the state patch from the left sleeve. The one I just saw was also missing the front number. There also may or may not be differences in the NOB (haven't researched that part yet). In any event, these are out there, and, as is the case with other McAuliffes, the presence of proper tagging leads some to believe them to be the real deal, even with the other flaws.

Lon: Do you have any more background on the Ryan jerseys that can further educate us on this genre? I'm sure most of us would appreciate it.

Dave Miedema