View Full Version : Baker's Dozen Unsigned Official Baseballs / Team Hockey Pucks For Autographs

12-10-2014, 09:24 AM
I am selling a dozen +1 unsigned official baseballs still in unopened original boxes. 12 are Gene Budig American League balls and 1 is Leonard Coleman National League Ball. these are the official game balls from Rawlings. $160 shipped for the 13. I got these years ago when I was an autograph collector and have been stored since. Just cleaning out a bunch of stuff.

I also have a bunch of hockey pucks as well if there are any hockey autograph hounds. Included are 4 Dallas Stars, 2 Flyers, 2 Capitals, 3 Ducks, 2 Red Wings and 1 Penguins. Great mix to get some great autographs. $85 shipped OBO for all the pucks.