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11-18-2005, 12:12 AM

November 14 2005 at 4:20 PM HOWARD WOLF (Login hblakewolf (http://www.network54.com/Profile/hblakewolf))

Forum Readers-
Several collectors have asked me about lot # 579 in the current American Memorabilia Auction. It is a Phillies satin jacket, and is identified as Steve Carlton's 1983.

As we all know, unless a jacket has a players name sewn on back, has some type of identification tag, or a LOA from the player or team, it proves difficult to determine who wore it. In this case, the following questions have been asked of me:

Q: Is the 32 on the tag correct?
A: The 32 on the Wilson tag does not look at all like Carlton’s usual penned 32

Q: Is this the correct sleeve patch?
A: Although the Phillies wore an Anniversary patch on their 1983 jerseys, they did not wear it on either their Wilson brand knit or satin jackets.

Q: Is this Carlton's jacket?
A: Although it is a "Real" Phillies jacket (Wilson brand, satin style), I do not believe it can be definitively stated that it was worn/issued to Carlton. Given the above, it is my belief that the Phillies did not apply the patch, and someone had Carlton sign the jacket.

I purchased dozens of jacket from this era directly from the Phillies, and am not aware of any having the 1983 sleeve patch. Likewise, based on my experience with Carlton game used bats and equipment, the 32 written on the tag is not in Carlton's handwriting.

Rudy, can you find ONE photo of any Phillies player wearing a satin or knit jacket in 1983 with the Anniversary patch? I have searched my files of Phillies photos, and can't find one showing any player wearing such a patch on their 1983 jacket. Likewise, any insight or assistance from any other Forum reader is welcome.

Howard Wolf


rudy (petrucious2000@yahoo.com)
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stumped again

November 14 2005, 5:52 PM

Stumped me again Howard. I couldn't find an image of the 83 phillies with patches on their

However, I did come across this little nugget:

http://www.lelands.com/bid.aspx?lot=1399&auction=505 (http://www.lelands.com/bid.aspx?lot=1399&auction=505)

"Spectacular offering from Charlie Hustle born out of his 5-year stint with the Philadelphia Phillies, looks to have been well worn, and with him for the duration of the 1983 season leading up to another World Series appearance. In beautiful shape, the Starter warm-up jacket bears Rose's signature in black sharpie on the white "P" on front, displaying his number "14" on the opposite breast; the back with sewn "ROSE" in slightly arched lettering. Good wear to the numbers and letters. Originally given as a gift from Rose at the end of the 1983 season. LOA."

How many different jackets did the phillies wear in 83?


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Re: stumped again

November 14 2005, 5:58 PM
Photo-match that Rose jacket...I DARE you!

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November 14 2005, 9:38 PM
Rudy/Both Teams Played Hard-
Thanks for the additional info. and questions about the Phillies jackets.

Rudy, the jacket in question was sold in the Lelands auction, and an entire, long drawn-out thread was devoted to the jacket.

The Starter brand jacket you reference with the 14 on the breast has never been documented either by photos or existing examples as ever being worn by the Phillies or Pete Rose.

The Phillies were loyal to Wilson during the 1950's through 1986. They wore Wilson hats, jerseys, pants warm-ups and jackets.

In 1983, the Phillies wore 4 basic styles of jackets, all manufactured by Wilson (Not Starter):
Maroon knit, 2 slash pockets with floppy collar, knit cuffs and waist, players name on back in white letters on a maron plate.

Maroon quilted, 2 slash pockets, knit collar, cuffs and waist. No name on back

Maroon unlined, same as above.

Maroon unlined, no knit cuffs, collar, or waistband. Most often worn by the pitchers.

Likewise, I am not aware of the Phillies adding the 1983 patch to their jackets. During this era, the Phillies only added a patch that reads "1980 WORLD CHAMPIONS" to their 1981 knit jackets (the style mentioned above that have the players name on back). Other patches were not added during the 1980's.

Rudy, I challenge you to try to find a photo of the Starter brand jacket with a number sewn on the breast (like the Starter brand Rose) and/or a 1983 jacket with the Anniversary patch. You will have a better chance of finding a photo of Ripken wearing a green jersey on St. Patrick's Day!

If anyone has additional questions, please let me know.

Howard Wolf

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November 14 2005, 7:18 PM

Like the Rose shoes, I can't help but wonder why the number looks so fresh. As you know, I've focused a large part of my collection on 1980s Phillies items, particularly Lefty ... and I can't find a 32 that looks like that--both in terms of number style and freshness/crispness of the black marker. Of course, it may be that someone other than Carlton wrote the number on (equipment personell, for example), but that wouldn't explain the freshness/crispness.


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