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Mike Specht
Retired Sportswriter and Author
Expertise: Game-used bats

Mike Specht has been a serious baseball hobbyist and collector for over 35 years, and a collector of game-used memorabilia since 1973. He was employed as a sportswriter for the San Francisco Giants and the San Diego Padres in the mid-1970s, and in 1995 Mike was one of four co-authors of BATS: Professional Hillerich & Bradsby and Adirondack, 1950-1994.

"I am a pretty decent researcher with access to some very good resources, and have the ability to connect-the-dots in an understandable and hopefully entertaining way. I enjoy digging between-the-lines and offering collectors more than just a 'Name, Rank, and Serial Number' response to their question. I've been around long enough to still have stacks of The Card Collector and The Trader Speaks, and can add some historical perspective about the evolution of game-used collectibles within the hobby."
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