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Chuck Zsolnai
Director: International Soccer Archives
Expertise: Soccer Memorabilia, Medals and Jerseys; International Sports Collectibles

A well-traveled sports enthusiast who's passion for soccer has become a profession. With modest beginnings as a TUFF STUFF writer in the publication's first year (1980s), to writing for ESPN affiliate - Soccer Times, Chuck has brought soccer to mainstream America.

His early work includes TNT television coverage of the 1990 World Cup, Committee Member and Organizer of the 1994 World Cup (Orlando Venue), subsequent 1996 Olympics - Soccer (Orlando Venue) and Director of Public Relations for the Orlando professional soccer club. As an ambassador he has organized the visit of teams from England, Germany, Sweden, Austria and Russia to Florida.

In addition to international soccer, Chuck has been a member of the Professional Hockey Writers Association (PHWA) and instructed the course "Understanding Modern Sports" at Florida Community College (of Jacksonville).

As a consultant to some of the best known auction houses in Europe and North America, Chuck's knowledge of soccer artifacts is perpetuated by his role as Director of the INTERNATIONAL SOCCER ARCHIVES - the largest collection of memorabilia of its kind in North America.

While occasionally still covering professional soccer games, Chuck now devotes his time with family - wife, children, grandchild and his small local soccer community.
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