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> 2005 MLB Jersey Tagging Update

November 22, 2005

> The Pujols Primer - Version 2.0

September 14, 2005

> Rob Steinmetz

August 06, 2005

Rob Steinmetz

Chicago Cubs - 2005 Equipment Update January 21, 2006
Chicago Cubs 2005 Tagging Update
Having just acquired a large quantity of jerseys directly from the Chicago Cubs, I thought I’d update collectors on some interesting trends with regard to the team’s 2005 jerseys.  As usual, there are many inconsistencies with regard to tagging both on the interior and in the collar of 2005 jerseys.  Here are a few worth mentioning:

Strip tag variations.  Shown below is the strip tagging in the collar of two different 2005 road Greg Maddux jerseys.  These jerseys are totally identical in every physical regard, except one has a set number on the strip tag and one does not.  Jerseys with strip tagging that do not contain a set number seem to be most prevalent with players who might go through a number of jerseys over the course of a season.  It is also important to note that there were a handful of call-up jerseys and 2-3 star jerseys with no tagging in the collar whatsoever.  All the jerseys sold without strip tagging in the collar were “0062” coded and should come with team documentation.  Without an original piece of Cubs letterhead signed by Clubhouse Manager Tom Hellman (on jerseys with the strip tagging absent), stay away!   
Interior customization flag tagging.  Several 2005 Cubs jerseys also had interior customization flag tagging.  I haven’t seen this on Cubs jerseys in the past.  Jerseys with interior customization flag tagging seem to be much more scarce than those without.  Having handled multiple jerseys from most star players, I couldn’t find more than one jersey for each player with the interior customization tagging.  In cases where players are known to wear jerseys with customizations and the interior tagging is absent, the jerseys still appear to be customized (despite the lack of customization tagging).  Below is an example of this tagging:
Interior wash tagging.  Just when you thought the 6200 vs. 0062 debate had been resolved, yet another exception to the rule pops up.  99% of the jerseys sold by the Cubs in 2005 had “0062” coded interior wash tags (the code associated with jerseys intended for pro teams).  The Greg Maddux jersey pictured below has the correct strip tagging in the collar, is made of a highly identifiable pro weight polyester, is custom tailored as all Maddux Cubs jerseys should be, yet carries the “6200” interior wash tag (the code associated with jerseys intended for retail sale).  There is no question that this jersey was customized for and worn by Maddux, but the retail coded interior wash tag raises some obvious questions. 
Misc. 2005 Cubs Notes:
For those who don’t already know, the Cubs introduced two new style jerseys in 2005.  The home alternate (blue with no name on back), and the home pinstripe without the player’s name on the back.  The team now has four different jerseys. 
Interesting note on how the team chooses which jersey they’ll wear for any given game…the style is chosen by the game’s starting pitcher.  Maddux and Prior prefer the traditional home pinstripe or road gray, while Zambrano and Wood prefer the blue alternate jerseys. 
The highest set number I was able to locate was “S6”, although another collector told me that he had acquired a jersey that was tagged “S8”.  The higher set numbers were most prevalent on star jerseys (Aramis Ramirez was the “S6” that I mentioned). 
The Cubs are changing batting helmet manufacturers again in 2006, so all the 2005 Rawlings helmets were sold by the team, most with the Katrina/Red Cross sticker intact.  In some cases, up to 4 helmets of any one player were available for sale.
I welcome your feedback and I’m open to researching topics you’d like to
see covered in this section.  Email me at authenticgamers@aol.com.
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