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> 1971 Inter Milan medal

July 09, 2010

> Ian Wright Arsenal shoes

June 22, 2010

Chuck Zsolnai

Ian Wright Arsenal shoes June 22, 2010

Ricci Burns of the United Kingdom writes -

"hi i have a pair of ian wrights football boots very good condition signed and they also have an authenticity certificate from arsenal fc. i was just wondering how much i would get for them roughly and where to sell them?

Hi Ricci,

Thank you for your question. As you can imagine, we are very busy with the World Cup football tournament - so please excuse the delay in our reply.

Before I can answer your inquiry, can you tell me what information was provided with the shoes when you acquired them ?

Was this from an auction or sale by the club ?

Were there details of what season or match they were worn ?

"hi chuck, i won these boots in a competition when i was a junior gunner on the date 18th may 1998, i have a letter of comformation to prove they are genuine from arsenal football club plc. It was ian wrights last season he played for arsenal so the boots of that year."


Arsenal Football Club (founded 1886), nicknamed the "Gunners" is one of the most recognized teams in the world.

Ian Wright is one of the greatest modern players in Arsenal F.C. history. He broke the club's all-time goal scoring record in 1997 and held that title until it was surpassed by Thierry Henry in 2005.

(Arsenal legends Henry and Wright)

He made 33 appearances for the England National Team (with 9 goals) and a scored whopping 185 goals for Arsenal while leading them to one League title, 2 F.A. Cups and one League Cup.

Unlike some other sports, the importance of the soccer shoe, which are involved with so much of the actual scoring in the game, are highly sought after pieces of memorabilia. I would liken them to baseball bats in their assessment. They can be easily photo matched and pinpointed to a specific season or game.

Your provananace (or proof) of this items enhances its credibility to be sold to collectors. That you recieved it directly from the club and the player, makes it even more desireable. In many cases, a player signature on this item can increase the value significantly.

If this artifact were to go to an established sports memorabilia auction, it could bring an estimated 150 to 250 British Pounds ($225 - $375 USD).

There are several reputable auction houses in England. You can research them by typing "football memorabilia auction" on the internet.

Note: I had the pleasure of interviewing Ian Wright during the peak of his career. He was every bit the dynamic superstar reflective of his record setting career.

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