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Q:When did Kirk Gibson first sign a contract with Louisville Slugger company so that his name would appear in script on their bats? Thanks. Rex
A:Hi Rex - I need to check the records for you and will do that no later than tomorrow. I believe I have Gibson. If I don't, I will check with Mike Specht to see if he has it. I can't remember off the top of my head if I have that record or not. I can tell you that I have owned several Gibson bats over the years and they have all been block letter bats. I could be wrong - I need to look at the records, but he may never had a signature contract with Louisville and all his bats had his name in block letters on the barrel. I should be able to get back to you no later than tomorrow - Friday the 20th. Thanks! Jim Caravello

Rex - I checked the records that both Mike Specht and I have and neither of us has Kirk Gibson. I can tell you that I have never seen a signature model bat in the market - only block letter models. I am assuming the never had a contract with LS - and thus his models are block letter. If you have an example of a signature model bat, please let me know as I would love to see it. Thanks, Jim
Q:Interested to know if Bobby Thomson game bats ever had Bob Thomson on them where the name went? It's a K55 50's bat just short of 35 inches. No info in the "T" on the players charts here. Thanks Jim when you get a chance. Dave Pearce
A: Hi David - hope you are well. Bob Thomson signature model bats are not the same famous Bobby who hit the HR in 1951. Its another Bob Thomson who did not play in the major leagues. I do have both Thomson records - two different players. The famous Bobby used block letter bats. If the bat has Bob Thomson in block letters, its the famous Bobby. He ordered 35" K55 bats on 6-2-50 and on 4-8-53. Bob Thomson ( signature model ) also ordered K55 bats that were 35" in length on 6-17-52 - his only K55 order in the 50s. I actually owned a Bob Thomson signature model bat at one time, which led me to this research. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Q:Hi Jim,I was very interested in the Mathews bat article. I don't know whether you have access to MEARS, but here is a question i posed to Dave Bushing on that very bat on the day the auction ended."Dave,First off, thanks for posting all the response
A:I did see that on MEARS. I don't go out there that often, but after Troy indicated to the moderators of GUU that I have made a factual error, I visited the site and saw your posting. Many of my comments are based on Troy's response which I posted in Part II and are also in line with Dave's answers that he posted to you. The purpose of both my postings was not to indicate that they were wrong - but to show ( 1 ) that I had not made a factual error and ( 2 ) we all need to all do a little more research before you just hang your hat on that Team Order and say that the bat matches factory records and its an Eddie Mathews Game Used Bat. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Jim Caravello
Q:Jim -- I am not sure about the best way to submit my question, so I will send it to both you and Mike. In the 1990's I collected Mo Vaughn bats while he was a Red Sox player. I have 12 LVS bats that I believe date from 1989 to 1996. The 1989, 1990, and 1992 bats would be from the minors (Mo briefly went back to the minors in 1992). Do you have Mo's bat records while he was on the Red Sox? Thank you. David
A:Hi David - unfortunately we do not have Mo Vaughn's records. If we can be of further assistance, please let me know. Thanks, Jim
Q:Hello Jim-Thanks again for the help on the Ripken bat. I have a question regarding the manufacturing records of a player ordered bat as compared to a team ordered bat. For example, I know that the player's records are part of the game used library and the upcoming Malta book. However, those records don't appear to include team ordered bats, which seem to be popping up in auctions and other places. I know the difference between a player ordered bat and team ordered bat. But is there a way to determine, from the published information available, the details of the team ordered bat?ThanksPatrick Magill
A:Patrick - the only way to look at the differences in the team order records and the individual order records is to compare the two during the time period a player was in the majors. We only have the Yankees team ordered records and I do not believe we have any other team. If there are any more specific questions, please let me know. Thanks, Jim
Q:Jim-Is the information in the game used library regarding the bat records reflect the bats ordered by the player only or do they include bats ordered by the team for the player?Thanks
A:The records in the Game Used Library reflect the player's individual records and do not reflect team order records. If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know. Jim
Q:Jim: Thanks for you answer regarding the Kirk Gibson bat some time ago. Do you have know what model numbers he used over his career? Thanks for you time. Rex
A:Hi Rex - from memory, and this may not be correct - but I know he used S216 model bats. I also believe he used M110 and C243, but am not 100% certain of the last two models. Thanks, Jim
Q:Hi Jim,I am assuming that you are not associated with Leftfield Collectables, and thus can answer my question in an objective fashion. I have had a strong interest in early 20th century baseball for quite some time, accumulating a fairly nice tobocco card collection before moving on to modern game used baseball jerseys instead. For storage reasons I never got into bats, though I have really enjoyed reading your very informative expert blogs on Game Used Universe. Recently, just out of curiosity, I followed the GUU dealer link to Leftfield Collectables and came across their vintage bat listings <http://www.leftfieldcollectibles.com/lfc/vintagebats/ProductList.aspx>, which I suspect you are quite familiar with. Amongst their many interesting bats was one in particular which I would like to ask your opinion about, their Tommy Leach (which you will need to scroll down to in order to view). Since I am a complete novice at this niche of the hobby I was hoping you might be able to help. Given the photos and information they provide and what you know about the market, does their asking price of $1350 seem to be high, low or fair? Thanks in advance!Robert <shendesi@yahoo.com>
A:Hi Robert - thanks for your question. I do not have any ties with Left Field Collectibles. The owner, Art Jaffe is a good guy and years ago he acquired a ton of vintage bats which I am assuming the Leach bat was part of that collection. I am sure if you bought the bat, you could return it if you were not happy. Regarding price, I really can't comment on that as I have never seen a Leach bat in auction or anywhere for sale. If you are really interested in it and you feel that $1350 is too high, you should make an offer. Art is resonable and typically will listen to offers. If I can be of any further assistance, please e-mail me at jcaravello@nc.rr.com - thanks, Jim
Q:Jim, when you see a Pro Model Bat of a vintage star, and that bat matches numbers from the era listed, and that bat shows significant game use, including cleat marks and grain swelling, what keeps that bat from being listed as Game Used? I recently purchased a 1921-1931 Babe Ruth Pro-Model Bat, matching all previous mention criteria, so what keeps it from Gamr-Used status, or is it simply the opinion of the Authenticator, and would it pay for me to send bat to Grade/Authenticate by a second Authenticator?
A:Great question - over the last couple of years, you have seen more dealers and definitely auction houses selling and listing "game used bats" as professional model bats. I believe the main reason is based on liability issues. You could have a bat that matches records - shows great use - but never made it into that player's hands. As a collector, you need to understand that even a so called perfect matching bat - may not have been used by that player. I personally try to collect bats that I am pretty confident made it into the players hands - based on attributes that can be seen in actual games or from footage and photos - Take a look at some of my blogs - look at the Brett, Killebrew, Boggs - to name a few that I would bet a lot of money on were personal favorites of those players - and that they definitely used them. The simple answer to your question is Liability. Even the authenticators when grading a bat really don't know that it was "game used" - think about it.....it could have been used in BP - to me, that is not game used. The Sellers of "professional model" bats are putting the responsibility on all of us to ascertain the validity of the bat. I hope this answers your question. Let me know how I can be of further assistance. Jim
Q:jim i have a bat a 35 inch louisville slugger h and b has the 125 and word powerized to the right of trade mark i was given the bat by my dad who it was given to about 29 years ago the bat is stamped r43 on the handle the name genuine then george babe ruth then under that is louisville slugger i sent pictures to leland auction and talked to a richard bond who said it was a game bat but who used it was a total different story of course i know it wasnt babe ruth but i mean how could it be a game bat under the trade mark it is reg us pat office well we all know tht trademark is 1943-63 and how could it been a game bat then and how is the value on it
A:Hi - I beleive you e-mailed me about this before and I responded to your e-mail. Frmo the pictures you sent - this is a post career Babe Ruth professional model bat that could have been ordered by a team, another player, etc. The value is in the mid hundred range. Let me know how else I can help. Thanks, Jim
Q:Jim, I know awhile ago, some Babe Ruth 40k Ledgers were found. Any other 40k ledgers that you have copies of?
A:I do not have any copied of any 40K Ledgers for Babe Ruth. I will check with Mie Specht on that. THanks,Jim
Q:JimI really enjoy rreading your information on bats. Do you have Cot Deal's H&B records? Did he used an S2 bat? This is on the bottom of the barrel. I look forward to your response.Jason
A:Hi Jason - thanks for the compliment. I think you know by now that we do not have Cot Deal's shipping records. If I can help in any way - let me know - I believe you were going to send more pics for me to reivew? Thanks, Jim
Q:Hello Jim, My name is Jim Mann and I was wondering if you had a game used Maris bat. I presently have one which I'm thinking on selling.I checked out a site the other day which was called blue chip collectables and they had one for sale for $29,999???!!! Got to be a mistake.Mine is well used by Maris and was authenticated not too long ago.What do you think? Thanks, Jim.
A:Hi Jim - thanks for your e-mail. I do have a Maris bat in my collection. If you have one for sale, let me know - I would love to look at it. If I am not interested, I would be more than ahppy to try to help you sell it and what values are. Please e-mail me at jcaravello@nc.rr.com - thanks, Jim
Q:Hello Jim, A friend of mind just found an old (1933 tag on back) Babe Ruth paper mask. The mask is about 8 inches tall w/ a nose hole that could be punched and pushed forward. The mask also has two holes for eyes. There are two small tabs on the back about 1 inch square. The piece is in beautiful condition, no tears of creases....any idea on the origin, or the value of such an item? Thanks for your time, Luke
A:Hi Luk - I have never seen anything like that and really do not have a clue on what it might be worth. Why don't you post this information in the Vintage Section of the Forum and I bet a few people might be able to help you. Good luck! jim
Q:Greetings JIm,I have a Louisville Slugger 125, T141 Ruben Rivera bat with the New York Yankees stamp. Shows significant use, but the number 24 is on the knob. I didn't think Rivera had that number with the Yankees. Could you give me your thoughts?Michael MarkovRiverside, CA
A:Hi Michael - Ruben wore #s 17, 47 and 28 with the Yanks and never #26 to my knowledge. The bat could have been used by him and #26 or solely by #26 when he was with the Yanks. The other possibility is that its a minor league bat aand unfortunately, I do not know what number Ruben wore in the minors. He may have worn #26 ? Or another player in the minors with #26 could have used the bat. If you would like to send me pics of the bat to examine the labeling period and knob, I would be more than happy to look at it. You can e-mail me at jcaravello@nc.rr.com - Thanks, Jim
Q:Jim, Bricol Auctions has a few Yankees game used bats up for auction, (lot 48 Mattingly, 58 Bernie Williams, 710 Posada) I was wondering what you thpught of them before I do any bidding.I also have some handle and knob pictures Bricol sent me if they will help. Thanks for your time and advice, Steve
A:Hi Steve - thanks for your e-mail. The Bernie and Posada are fine. I would stay away from the Mattingly. Mattingly DID NOT order finished M110 bats during the 84-85 labeling period. The bat is a promotional bat - that possibly could have made it into his hands, but the Yankees and Donnie only ordered unfinished M110 bats in 1984 and 1985. let me know how else I can help. I can tell you that John Taube WOULD NOT authenticate this bat and I wouldn't personally touch it. Jim
Q:I wanted to see if you have seen the game used World Series bat being presented by Lelands of Mickey Mantles and if so what your thoughts on it are. Do you believe it ever actually saw and game time?
A:Hi - that's a great bat that I have been bidding on, but don't plan on going any higher and will lose out on it. I would call Lelands and get someone to go through the use with you on the phone. They say it has great use - which would be great for a World Series bats. A signed Mantle Word Series bat is a tremendous find. I anticipate this bat may go as high as $35K - if not higher. The model number, length and markings are perfect. Let me know how else I can help. jim
Q:Jim-Just curious where I can find information on how to date Mizuno game used bats. I have 3 bats that are Mizuno... a Pete Rose Jr, Barry Larkin, and Ivan Rodriguez and I am really curious what year they are from. Thanks for any help you can provide.Ben Fieldbengfield@juno.com
Hi Ben - thanks for your post to the Forum. My collecting focus is really pre-90 bats and primarily pre-80 bats and I am not the knowledgeable about Mizuno bats. I would post your question directly on the Forum and I beleive there are a few collectors out there who can help you with questions about Mizuno bats. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Jim
Q:JimI am new to game used bat collecting and was wondering what you thought of this Mattingly gamer on Ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=012&item=220020304744&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1 To me it seems to match the order records from your blog.Thanks for your timeSteve
A:that bat is rock solid - matches perfectly to 1993 shipping records for Mattingly. Its one I am acutally going to bid on my self. Good luck!! jim
Q:Jim, Are there Adirondack records available for Ted Williams orders?
A:Sorry - we do not have Adirondack shipping records for any player. If you have a specific bat you would like help with, please don't hesiate to contact me directly at jcaravello@nc.rr.com - thanks, Jim
Q:Jim Could I please get your thoughts on this Posada gamer on Ebay Item number: 180027170481 Thanks for your time Steve
A:Hi Steve - the bat appears to be a pre-contract Posada - because of the Louisville Slugger and registered symbol under his name - I would date the bat to 95 or 96 at the latest. Could be from 1997, but he was firmly with the Yanks then and his bats would have had the team name under the barrel. As he was being shuttled from Columbus to New York in 1995, his bat orders would have resembled this bat - with no team name and Louisville Slugger with the registered symbol at the end, which was made for minor leaguers at the time. I owned a similar style bat at one time and it was used in 1996, but was made for him at the end of 1995. Unfortunately we do not have Posada's shipping records to pinpoint this bat. Hope that helps - let me know if you have any other questions. Jim
Q: i resently purchased a supposed joe dimaggio game used cap on ebay item #290019381622 and your bio said you are a yankee expert and i was wondering if you could tell me if this think is even worth trying to get authinticated or not? cause the only authintication i can find want's $450 to authinticate and that's alot on the chance it's not even close ! and i'm not rich ! if you could, would you look? or maybe you could point me to a cheaper authinticator thank's for your time if you can help!!!!!! thank's michael
A:Hi Michael - thanks for your e-mail. I am not qualified nor have any experience in authenticating game used caps. My expertise lies strictly in game used bats. My suggestion to you would be to pose this question in the Forum section and I believe you will get a few responses from knowledgeable people who collect game used caps. I would not want to even recommend and authentication firm, as I am not certain who really is qualified to authenticate this.

Please e-mail me at jcaravello@nc.rr.com with any other questions. Thanks for your question. Jim
Q:hi! JIM do you know what the letter "s" & 3 on the knob of a mickey mantle k55 bat means? thamk's michael
A:Hi Michael - can you send me pics of the knob for me to look at? Thanks, jim
e-mail: jcaravello@nc.rr.com
Q:hi! jim thank you for being so accesible for new collectors as my self !!!!! you can see the pic's on the listing from when i purchased bat ebay item #330021075122 thank you so much for your time cant wait till the molta book comes out!!! michael
A:Hi Michael - the bat in that auction is a store model bat. The 3 on the knob signifies the length ( 33" ) - I don't know what the S stands for - some type of stamping probably not done at the factory. Clearly a store model bat as the bat is a post career Mantle bat with the model number on the barrel and the inch marks on the knob. Also - Mantle never ordered Hickory bats like this. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Jim
Q:hi! again quick question , i tried to ask my question about the dimaggio cap, but got no responce do i need to subscribe to the premium membership to post my question's ? or maybe i'm just doing something wrong? can you help? thank's michael
A:Hi Michael - I performed a search and did not see your post on the Dimaggio hat. You do not need to subscribe to the premium membership to post questions. You do need to set up a membership account. If you have done that, you should be able to go right into the Forum section and post your questions. If you haven't set up an account, join through the home page ( no cost ) and then post. Let me know how else I can help. Thanks, Jim
Q:Greetings Mr. Caravello: Several years ago, I purchased a couple Yankee team bats from Steve Verkman for about $70.00 each. The first is a Louisville Slugger 125, Model Genueine R161 that is stamped Yankees. It shows significant use and is signed by French Borgaday 1941. (Modern signature). 96 JM is on the handle in black marker (recent) The second is a Louisville Slugger 125 Model Genuine M110 stamped Yankees and signed by Spec Shea 1947. Modern signature. Both appear to be team bats and both exhibit significant use. Any idea on the era these bats may have been used by the team? Thanks, Michael Markov
A:Hi Michael - why don't you send me pics of the bats with center label and barrel labeling and we can narrow down the era for you - please e-mail those to jcaravello@nc.rr.com - thanks, Jim
Q:Jim: I have a Ron Blomberg Louisville Slugger bat, with model number on the barrel of C 234. The bat was represented as game used, but I doubt it from my inspection as it shows no use. What really troubles me about the bat, however, is that the Star of David on the knob is the traditional 6 pointed one, although another bat of his I have (an Adirondack one) and the scan in your article both show a 5 pointed star. (Also, Ron's number is not on the knob which I know he often put there as well.)Do you know whether Ron ever used 6 pointed stars on the knobs of his bats? Also, can you help me date the bat? -Howard G.
A:Hi Howard - why don't you send me some pics and lets look at it together. I just got back in town and have been gone since Friday morning. I leave tomorrow for a couple of days and will be back on Tuesday night. E-mail me pics at jcaravello@nc.rr.com and let's plan on communicating once I am back in town. Thanks, Jim
Q:I was doing some remodeling in my house when I discovered an old children's bat hidden behind a wall. Based on the construction of the house it has to be at least 40-50 years old, possibly older. There is very little information on the bat itself; the only markings are the words "Big League" done in cursive writing (which I assume is the brand name). Above that in small block letters is "No." but there is no number after it. Below are the initials "EOB", again in block letters. It measures 30" in length, 2" in diameter at the head, and 1 1/2" at the base. It is a very slender bat with little flare to it. It has a yellowish color, and is probably in "Fair" condition as far as collectables go. I doubt that it is worth much, but I'd be interested to find out when it was made, as well as any other pertinent information. Thank you for your help.
A:Would love to see a photo of the bat. The bat is not a professional model bat and is a store model or junior bat. If you would like to send pics, please do. The bat has very little value based on the demand for items like this, as well as the condition it is in. My e-mail if you want to send pics is jcaravello@nc.rr.com.

Thanks, Jim
Q:Have you seen the Joe Jackson bat on Vintage? If so can you share your thoughts on the bat and the current price of the bat?
A:I am surprised at the current price at over $10,000. This is a 40K bat - you should read the MEARS cert. carefully. There's only one other 33" Jackson bat known and MEARS is comfortable grading this bat a 6 because Ruth's orders show a 40K order. I personally wouldn't spend this kind of money on a 40K bat. Please let me know how else I can help. jim
Q:Have you seen the Joe Dimaggio bat on Vintage and please share your thoughts.
A:Spectacular bat with provenance - not a ton of use - but you can't beat the provenance and the way it matches factory records. Expect that one to go higher nearer auction end. Jim
Q:Jim, What are your thoughts on this Mattingly gamer on Ebay(Item number: 290052406926) It does not seem to match the records you have posted on your blog. I have been looking for a "good" Mattingly gamer for a while now and do not want to make a mistake. Thanks for your time, Steve
A:There are no records of Mattingly ordering M159 model bats during this time period ( 86 - 89 ). In addition, Mattingly used unfinished bats and that bat has a finish. There is one order of M159 Model bats in 1988 - but they were to Baseball Miscellaneous - a promotional order most likely. Could Don have used this bat? Maybe - but its not factory documented to him and the Yankees. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Jim
Q:Jim, I have a Willie McCovey coach's bat that is a Louisville Slugger 125 Genuine S2, with Willie McCovey and Louisville Slugger in block letters on the barrel. There are no numbers on the knob and the finish is natural but lighter at the handle and darker from the handle to the barrel. Does this match any coach's bat records you are aware of? Thank you.
A:Can you tell me the labeling period the bat is from? Willie ordered S2 model bats both during and after his career. Send me pics or more ( length and weight ) info to jcaravello@nc.rr.com and I'll assist in any way I can to pinpoint your bat. Thanks, Jim
Q:Hi Jim, I was reading through a forum regarding babe ruth bats that a nesports was thinking about purchasing. I guess the tale goes that we from dorothy ruth...I saw a listing on craigslist for what seems to be these bats, I was wondering if any sort of conclusion was reached on these. I have seen the pictures and they look almost new, if they had been in storage since 1950 i guess this could be true and all the markings from what can be seen in the pictures appear to be legit, allthough I am not sure if there is any marking on the knob because you can't tell from the pics.... Thanks! soxnation
A:Soxnation - I believe you are referring the bat stamped 1935 on the knob? These were replica bats made to look like Ruth gamers. If this is not the bat you are referring to, please e-mail me at jcaravello@nc.rr.com - your question is a little confusing as I don't know specifically which bat you are talking about. Thanks, Jim
Q:Jim, I am interested in this Rickey Henderson bat on Ebay ( Item number: 220053832759) but did not understand why the seller said the bat could not be authenticated, especially with the use and ball marks. Thanks for your time Steve
A:Steve - I think he is referring to the fact that Henderson bats were made for resale by Anaconda Kaye that had the large Louisville Logo on the barrel. You would want to examine the use on this bat closely. Jim
Q:Jim, What are your thoughts on this Wade Boggs gamer on ebay ( Item number: 250054622205) It seems to match a lot of the points from your Boggs blog but I just don't know. I emailed the seller and he said it is 34 3/4 in cupped end, but he did not have the weight. Thanks for your time, Steve
A:have been in the weeds the last couple of days.........

I have seen Mike's post above - I don't have the Boggs records directly in front of me - but from Mike's info posted, the orders above were either flame burned or natural finished bats.

Here is my opinion - and its an opinion, as its very hard sometimes to qualify a bat without really seeing it in person. The bat appears to be a natural finished bat - The only minor concern I have with the bat on ebay is that the pine tar application looks a little funny / un-natural.......I am in no way saying this bat is not good. Sometimes pine tar applications just don't show up that well in photos. I would also ask the seller where he got the bat and what type of provenance there may be.

The #26 on the knob looks good and is similar to bats I have handled from this period and others I have seen in the market over the years. The use appears to be on the correct side of the barrel for Boggs - although its hard to tell if its hammered.

If you are seriously interested in this piece, I would flush out more answers with the Seller and make sure you can return the bat if you are not satisfied with it when you get it.

Also - make sure of the cupped end as well as the length and weight of the bat in comparison to the records.

If I can be of any further help, please let me know. Good luck!! Jim
Q:I currently have a 1994 Derek Jeter Columbus Clippers bat signed "Game Used 94 Columbus", yet the signature is post 1994 and the #2 is on the knob of the bat. Please take a look at the bat (3arod13). I am currently working with Mr. Cook of the Hoosier Bat Company on this bat. He authenticated the bat for me, however, the above is still questionable. He will be seeing Derek Jeter in January 2007 and will show him this bat. I know the signature is authetic. Do you believe, it is possible that this bat could have been signed by Jeter later and is authetic? Thanks, 3arod13
A:Hi Anthony - hope you are well. You have showed me this bat and the past and I recently saw you list it on GUU. I guess anything is possible relative to the signature. It might be hard for any player to remember a non - signature bat after he used it - but maybe Jeter did in this instance. There are not a lot of pre-1996 Jeter bats in the market and most I have seen are Louisville Slugger bats. He could very well have used a Hoosier bat during those days.

As you and I have discussed, if Jeter really did use the bat - its a great collectible, but the majority of bat collectors who are in the market for a Jeter Game Used bat would most likely pass on it. The resale ( just as you are going through right now ) is difficult. Let me know how else I can help. Jim
Q:Hi Jim. Would like you to check out my two arod bats and tell me what you think. Also, can you provide additional shipping information about these two bats? Love this website. Regard, Tony (3arod13) http://www.gameuseduniverse.com/vb_forum/showthread.php?p=27486#post27486
A:Hi Tony - bats are tremendous Arod examples. You just don't see that kind of bat floating around the market every day. Unfortunately we do not have Arod's shipping records - the info you have received from RIch Redman is great. That's a pretty accurate yearly bat totals for star players from that time frame - around 100 - 125 sticks of wood. The only comment I will make is the top bat pictured and the one that Arod is holding looks like the barrel may have been taped at one time - hard to see in the photos.......Let me know how else I can help. Thanks, Jim
Q:Can you tell me if this is a real bat or one that you could buy back in the day. I made a offer and hes uped it but its a good deal i think. Thanks Ebay item # 320058573228
A:The bat in question is a post career promotional bat and not one used by George during his playing career. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thanks, Jim
Q:Jim last ? is it worth 175 thats the buy it now price. Thanks
A:I am just now seeing this question, as I wasn't prompted through e-mail with your follow up question. I really don't like to comment on the price / value of autographed bats. I think that's a personal decision for a collector on how much they are willing to pay for an autographed - non - game used bat. I will comment that $175 is in the range of values for such a bat.....let me know how else I can help and sorry once again for not seeing this follow up question. Jim
Q:Hi Jim, I have a couple of Boggs, Dwight Evans questions for you. I have a 1986 all star Boggs gamer that looks identical to yours with the pinetar and the number looking correct, it looks as though there is dead wood on the name at the end of the barrell (above the name and under the word big stick), it also seems to have good use on each side of the barrel and the name plate, although you stated it should only have use on one side, model on knob is 288RJ and his initials WB,his number 26 in big bold ink, and 32 in real small ink(I guess for oz. or length), no year however. How many did they ship him for the 86 Allstar game? and does this bat sound correct? I also have a 86 world series bat of his but it has no use and the same model # as above w/ the WB. Does this sound correct? I have two D. Evans 86 world series bats w/ nice game use and the models are adirondacks like the Boggs above but the Rawlings centerbrand is bigger, the rawlings word is longer and the adirondack word starts under the s in adirondack and is about 4 inches long w/ the pro ring circle going around the ndack in the word adirondack. There is also no bars like the all star bat you have that surrounds the center label. The knob also has 460B DE and the year 1986 stamped on it. the 1986 is a lot smaller stamp then the 460B, his number is on the knob as well in ink. Why are the boggs and Evans world series bats so different if they both came from Rawlings? and why are the labels totally different if they were ordered for the same 1986 world series? any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. thanks, garret
A:Hi Garret - thanks for your questions. First, regarding the Boggs All Star bat from 1986 - Boggs received two of those from Rawlings and the number is consistent with what is typically ordered / given to the player from Louisville Slugger for All Star games. Your bat has some use on the opposie of the hitting area, which is fine - the majority of it should be on the right side of the barrel and I am pretty sure it is - as I remember seeing your bat in auction a couple of times. Its a nice bat. Don't worry that there is some use on the opposite site. I have handled many Boggs bats over the years and have also had a few bats that I know he used - but had a smattering of ball marks on the other side. Most of his gamers only have ball marks on one side of the barrel - the right side. It only takes getting twisted at the plate one time on a curve for the bat's opposite side to be exposed to a ball. Keep in mind too - someone else could have used the bat along with Boggs which may have created the ball marks on the opposite side. You'll never know unless you had a camera on the bat since he first touched it. You should be very comfortable with that bat as it has other Boggs characteristics, such as the number on the knob and tar on the handle, etc.

Relative to your questions about both Boggs and Evans World Series bats and the differences - I would like to see photos of the bats if that's possible first before I comment. 1986 was the end of one label period and 1987 was the beginning of the next for Adirondack - thus - a transition year. It is very possible that changes in labeling were being made that fall while the bats were made and shipped for the World Series. Send some photos to my e-mail address and let me look at them closer and I can get back to you with comments.

Thanks - my e-mail address is: jcaravello@nc.rr.com

I'll jump on this when you send the photos. All the best. Jim
Q:Jim' American Memorabilia has 2 Rickey Henderson Yankees bats up for auction.(lots#171 & 177) Just wondering what your thought are on these bats. Thanks for your time, Steve
A:Hi Steve - I have seen the bats in auction you mentioned. They are both solid bats - great typical Henderson pine tar markings for the period. Henderson used Adirondacks quite a bit in the 80's and I have owned two over the years. The bats I owned also were stamped "R. HENDERSON" - Mid to late 80's Yankees Henderson bats have all but dried up and its nice to see a couple in auction currently. Good luck if you bid and let me know how else I can help. Jim
Q:Jim, Thanks for the thoughts on the Henderson gamers on American. I kinda like the natural colored one but was wondering if the lack of a number on the knob hurts this bat in any way? Most if not all Henderson gamers I have seen have his number on the knob. Thanks for the help, Steve
A:Hey Steve - Henderson bats from this era you will see both with and without numbers on the knob. I have seen more with a number on the knob. If you feel more comfortable with a number, maybe you should pursue that bat. Both are legititimate and nice looking gamers. Good luck if you bid. Jim
Q:Jim, how would I go about finding out if my TyCobb bat was possibly game used?
A:Hi Steve - First let me say - to truly answer your question - you will never know, unless Cobb gave the bat to you personally or to some one you know. Game Used is probably the most overused term in our hobby.........BUT - we can examine it closer to see if as you indicate, it was possibly used by Cobb and more importantly - is it a professional model bat with a high likelihood of being in Cobb's hands..........

Now that I have said that - we need to examine the bat first to make sure its a professional model bat - can you send me more information and pictures? ( jcaravello@nc.rr.com )........ what brand, etc.

Once you do that - we can figure out if it is a professional model bat that would have been made for Cobb and then we can look at use characteristics, etc to ascertain if it was possibly used by him. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Q:hi jim i came across this bat recently. its a hank aaron bat with the initials HA4.5 on the knob. it also has the louisville slugger logo with 125 hillerich&bradsby co along with the registration mark after slugger.on the front it says genuine below that is an autograph engraved henry aaron below that it says louisville slugger . it also has flame tempered engraved on the rightside of circle emblem. its in good shape that has what looks like tape that has been removed at one time showing the bat looking fairly light in color while the rest of the bat looks aged naturally. the tape mark is about 8in across appro. next to the left of louisville emblem. it looks like the tape was put on due to a crack in it that is shaped like a big V .any help would be appreciated. thanks scott
A:Hi Scott - based on your description, it clearly sounds like a store model bat. Without looking at the bat, the two items that lead me to this conclusion are ( 1 ) HA4.5 on the knob and ( 2 ) Flame Tempered engraved to the right of the centerbrand. In regards to ( 1 ) HA stands for a store model Hank Aaron bat. The 4.5 indicates that the bat is 34.5" long. Model numbers on professional model bats only have one letter, followed by one, two or three numbers. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule - but that's generally the case. Relative to ( 2 ) - Flame Tempered engravings were never used on professional model bats - only on store model bats. If I can help further, just let me know. If you would like to send pics for me to look at, I'l be more than happy to do so for you. My e-mail is jcaravello@nc.rr.com. Thanks, Jim
Q:hi jim, concerning the hank aaron bat do you have any idea the year this bat was made? as soon as i can i will send a picture(as soon as i can get it back from a friend!) i know its difficult to estimate ,w/o pictures, the value but wondering what you think. thanks again,scott
A:Hi Scott - sounds like from your description its an early 70's bat. Depending upon the condition, the value could be from $25 - $100 +/-. Send some pics at your convenience and we'll narrow it down further for you. THanks, Jim
Q:Jim, I have a Cooper Pro 100 "Yankees" Professional 271 Game Used Derek Jeter Signed Bat. From what I have been told, these bats were team issued for minor league players to use, since minor leaguers didn't have their names on their bats. I have also been told these were used by Major League teams. Can you help? Tony (3arod13)
A:Hi Tony - I believe that's correct - collector's tend to stay away from them, as they don't have the player's name on the barrel - provenance and history are most important with those bats. I believe I have seen the bat you are referring to in the past. Some of these bats may make it to the major leagues - probably more likely back in the 80's and early 90s - every player today is getting tons of bats and they are getting signature models earlier than ever before in the minors.......hope that helps - Jim
Q:Jim, With respect to the Yankees team ordered bats index, will that be made available through GUU? I'd like to compare the bat ordering tendencies of Yankee players early in their career versus later in their career, when the Yankees may have ordered bats for the players and then the player only had to order other models/lengths/weights that weren't available through team orders. Do the team orders show individual model numbers with various lengths and weights, or orders for various lengths and weights with models selected by LS, or both. Is there any listing that shows the models that were available as "Pro Stock" models throughout the different eras LS bats have been available, and therefore available for team ordered bats for the minor leagues, etc.? Is there anyway to determine when players from other teams orderd LS bats that included the name of Yankees players on them? I spoke with Bobby Murcer and he told me that Bob Fishel, the traveling secretary made the individual bat orders during most of Bobby's Yankee career. Would Pete Sheehy have made the team orders? I appreciate your time in responding to this inquiry. Thank you, Tim
A:At this juncture, I don't think those will be made available through GUU. I have those records through 2004 if you have specific questions. They are not as clean as you would think and many of the entires read "see Index" or "see Order", which leads me to believe there are other sub ledger cards with more information. On the cards I have, there are not many wight and length entries at all. There is no way to determine when players from other teams ordered Yankee player bats - that would show up on the player's individual ledger card - for instance, Bobby Richardson ordered Nellie Fox bats quite a bit - you will see on Booby's card, entires that read " Nellie Fox model number XYZ " and then weight length. I would imagine that Pete Sheehy would have been involved in the team orders, as he ran that clubhouse for so many years as you know. Let me know how else I can help. Thanks, Jim
Q:Good morning Jim. I wanted to see if you have seen the Robert Edward Auction as of yet. The bat I am mainly interested in is the Ted Williams bat. The link is http://www.robertedwardauctions.com/site/bidplace.aspx?itemid=9473. Please let me know your thoughts on the validity of the bat.
A:Unfortunately I am just now seeing this question - I apologize, as I did not receive an alert for this when you posted. There were two Williams bats in the previous REA auction and they were both great examples that sold for very reasonable prices. Both were very valid examples. I am sorry once again I am just now seeing this question. In the future, you can e-mail me directly at jcaravello@nc.rr.com - thanks, Jim
Q:I purchased a Louisville Slugger logo Mickey Mantle bat. It has MM5 on the base and K55 above Mantle's imprinted signature. Oddly, it does not say "Powerized". Wondering if you can tell me if this is an oddity. The seller said he bought it in the 1970's from a sporting goods store in Pittsburgh that was closing. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.
A:Hi - the bat you have referenced is definitely a store model bat - the MM5 is a store model designation indicated MM ( Mickey Mantle ) and 5 - for 35". Many store model bats have Powerized on the barrel - let me know how else I can help. Thanks, Jim
Q:Jim, What are your thoughts on the Mattingly gamer on Ebay? ( Item number: 110133621134) It seems to match the order record on your blog but I wanted to get your opinion. Thanks for your time, Steve
A:Hi Steve - sorry for the delay, as I have been traveling. The bat appears to be a 1985 bat with the foil stamp which would make it from his MVP year. I would check the weigth and length with the seller and if it checks out - you should be good to go on it. The auto is circa mid 80's too - which makes the piece very nice. Good luck on it and let me know how else I can help. jim
Q:Hi Jim, My name is Anthony Corrado. I am looking for information on a Hanna Batrite WTA block letter 'Mickey Mantle' bat that I have owned for many years. I received the bat from a fellow collector in a trade for several dozen spring training autographed items. This gentleman was a good man, and helped me secure a space at the Yankee Fanfest show at the Javits Center one year, and assisted me in getting a table at one of Mantle's last show's in Mass. that year. I am having great difficulty just trying to find a Mantle Hanna bat period! The best part is that the bat is hand signed "Mickey Mantle no.7". The other question is was this bat used by Mickey? The bat is cracked and is missing a piece. If you can give me any insight on any of the facts about this bat I would greatly appreciate it. I can send you pictures if you want. On Jan. 16th the signiture is being authenticated by Jim Spence at Mickey Mantle's in Manhattan. Thank you for your time, Anthony .
A:Hi Anthony - can you send me pictures to jcaravello@nc.rr.com and we can look at closer together. Some players were known to have used Hanna Batrite bats at times - let's look at what you have - also, please measure the bat from tip to tip and weigh it and send that info along with you pics. I look forward to helping you - Jim
Q:Hi, I am interested in touching up some of my bats where the paint in the engravings has faded or chipped away over the years but am unsure what type of paint to use and tool to apply it? Do you know how this is done and have any tips on doing so? Thanks a lot, Michael
A:I have never personally done that - but I know collectors have, as well as some of the bat repair experts like Fred Lowman. You could contact Fred Lowman and get his thoughts - I would also post this question in the general game used memorabilia section of the Forum and I am sure you will get a few responses. Let me know how else I can help. Jim
Q:jim ive recently acquired vintage hb bats from the family of a bat turner who worked there from 1920 thru 1950 approx.one bat is a block letter jackie robinson.this bat is handed turned oak 34 inches 34.5 ounces.it displays his characteristics.in place of 125 is a code dhb 12.what is the history of oak bat production at hb?his name is on the bat he endorsed oak he must have swung oak.any information on robinson or the history of oak bat production is appreciated.thanks jane.
A:Hi Jane - I do not know the history of oak bat production at Louisville. I would contact Mike Specht at jackitout7@aol.com and he might be able to help you further. Sorry - let me know how else I can help. Jim
Q:Hey Jim, well u posted in one of my threads, and i see you are the bat expert.. I was wondering if i was able to send u some pics of a bat im purchasing, and tell me your thoughts on how i did.. give me an email, alright, thanks. Jim Francois
A:Jim - I'd be more than happy to - my e-mail is jcaravello@nc.rr.com - look forward to hearing from you. Jim
Q:Did Roy White have any game used 1970's (ADIRONDACK) the 302 in under Adirondack stamp.Knob has 194A. The color of the bat like off white or egg shell color. Also are there any books on game use bats with specs of the players who used them. I just started collecting yankee bat most thru steiner,But i would like to start buying 50's & 60's & 70's So i need help as to what to look out for..So with that said Jim thanks for your time an hope to hear from you soon.Take care Ismael Gonzalez
A:Hi Ismael - yes, Roy White did use that model bat in the 70's. There are several good books out on game used bats, including Vince Malta's reference guide which can be purchased through the site, a book called Bats which is out of print which is sometimes found on ebay and Matronet's Guide to Bat Collecting. There is no book out that contains solely info on Yankees bats. If you need any information on Louisville Slugger records for Yankees from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, just e-mail me with any questions as I have many records of Yankees from that period. THanks, Jim
Q:Mr. Caravello, Is their any records of Ryan howard using any Diablo bats . Thanks for any help you can give me.
A:Hi - unfortunately we do not have shipping records for Ryan Howard and really only have shipping records for Louisville Slugger bats of certain players. You may want to post this question on the general forum and someone may be able to help you. I don't track Ryan Howard close enough to see what bats he typically uses in games. Good luck! Jim
Q:Jim, I am interested in the Mattingly gamer Tim(bat master) is selling and was wondering your thoughts on the bat? I have not seen many Mattingly gamers and wondered how it compares to the ones you own or have handled in the past? Am I going to be able to find another gamer this "nice" or is this one as good as it gets? One last question, how would you rank it 1-10 compared to other bats you have handled?Sorry for so many questions. Thanks for your time, Steve
A:Hi - I have seen the bat. Based on the photos, it appears to be a legitimate Mattingly gamer from either 1984 or 1985 ( large 125 in the label could possibly make this a 1984 bat with foil stamping ). I would prefer not to compare it to what I own or even rank it on a scale of 1-10. I am not comfortable doing either without having the bat in my hands. Will you find another this nice? Quite possibly - his bats come up for auction from time to time - and I personally have acquired two killer Mattingly bats just within the last year. I hope this helps some - please e-mail me at jcaravello@nc.rr.com with any further questions. Thanks, Jim
Q:Jim: I purchased a Jorge Posada Game Used Bat from ASI and Cano and Sheffield game used bats from ESM. Curious as to your experiences or opinions about those dealers and Yankee game used items. I also have a Jeter Steiner Game Used Bat and AROD Game Used HR bat from MVP Marketing Mgmt./ Marion Monteleone. Again, would appreciate input. Thanks....still learning.
A:Hi - I am very familiar with Steiner and have purchased many items from them in the past - as you know, they receive their GU items directly from the Yankees - I have never perosnally purchased directly from the other three companies and I would post that question on the main section of the Forum and I am sure many members can assist you with information on the other three companies mentioned - let me know how else I can help. Jim
Q:Hey Jim, There is a Steve Garvey bat listed on ebay ending on 4/15/08 and it is a Louisville Slugger model M110 Item number: 260229661663 . I searched records and you did not list this as one of the models that he used. Could you enlighten me. Thanks for your time....Richard
A:Hi Richard - just picking up your message and checked the Listing which ends in about three hours ( it's 9 AM - EST ). I don't have Garvey's records with me and could check tonight - unfortunately, that will be after auction end. I will e-mail Mike Specht for you and see if he can check Garvey's records this morning for you. I will also post a thread on the Forum Section in case he is looking. Thanks for your inquiry and hopefully we can get back to you before the auction ends. Jim
Q:I have a Mickey Mantle autographed m110 Bat. How do I determine the value and year it was made? I can send you photos, if that would help! Thanks fro you help! Mike Parmentier 563-320-7163
A:Hi Mike - please send photos to jcaravello@nc.rr.com and we can go from there. Look forward to seeing them. Thanks, Jim
Q:Where can I get my double nobbed Lajoie bat authenticated? I'm travelling from New Brunswick, Canada to New York city by car in two weeks and could stop anywhere along the way.
A:Hi - if you want a formal authentication, I would use PSA / DNA ( John Taube ) or MEARS - Neither of which are located in New York. John Taube is located near Atlantic City, New Jersey - but that's a few hour drive from New York City further south. Their websites are below. Let me know how else I can help. Thanks, Jim

Q:ive got a 1969 WS game used ron swoboda bat, how much can i look to get for it?
A:Hi - thanks for your question. I would love to see pics of the bat. A lot will depend upon whether it is stamped with the World Series markings and the actual provenance behind it. Swoboda bats in general sell in the $500 +/- range that were not documented to a specific game or World Series play. For the right collector, the bats could obtain north of $1,000 if it is truly documented to the 1969 World Series. I'd love to see it and would love to know more about the provenance behind it. Please send pics to jcaravello@nc.rr.com and I'll be glad to help you more. Thanks, jim
Q:I have a 1978 Topps #10 Rich Gossage. It shows his portrait. His actual card is #70 with him pitching which I can find anywhere. The backs of the cards are identical. I am trying to figure what this card is and why there is no information on it? Do you know anything on it? I can send you pictures. Thank you. Todd Spang osubkeye@gmail.com
A:Hi Todd - not really a card expert, but am familiar with this era of baseball cards. Please send a pic to jcaravello@nc.rr.com and I am sure I can help you - if not, I can certainly point you in the right direction. Thanks, Jim
Q:I have this bat and i have always had a felling it might be something. If you could give me any direction please do. thank you These are the incriptions on the bat. ===================== (Middle of bat:) Louisville Slugger r. 125 Hillerich & Bradsby Co. Made in USA Louisville. KY. (flame Tempered) ===================== (Tip of bat:) Genuine Bobby Murcer Louisville Slugger ===================== (Bottom of handle:) CY4 ===================== I appreciate any help or direction. Thank you.
A:Hi - sorry for the delay in getting back to you as I have been traveling. I see you posted the question on the Forum and yes - those markings indicate a store model bat. Let me know how else I can help. Thanks, Jim
Q:Hello. I have owned a Roger Maris bat since I was a kid. My bat has a K55 stamped on the bottom.The bats markings stste that the bat is from 1961-1964. I did research and found out that Maris ordered only 6 of these from that time period. Have you ever seen another Roger Maris K55? I read that K55s are desirable to collectors. My questions are A) Why are K55s desirable to collect and B) Does the fact that there are probably only a few roger maris K55s around make my bat more valuable? I can email you pictures if you like. Thanks for taking the time to read this and my email is latuga@optonline.net
A:Hi - sorry for the delay in gettig back to you - been traveling hard the last couple of weeks. Please send me pics and measure and weigh the bat for me - would love to see it and help further. Thanks, Jim
Q:Hello Jim... I have in my possession a Don Mattingly Game Used Bat, which I purchased on 05/28/1995, during an auction event sponsored and managed by Tony LaRussa's ARF Foundation. Provenance is subtantiated by a credit card receipt, a numbered and signed (LaRussa) COA correlating to a Database maintained by ARF, A signed Auction Program personalized by Mr. LaRussa with the statement of "The Mattingly Bat is a Real Treasure!" The bat itself is a Mattingly signed T141, uncracked with "7" on the knob, exhibiting all elements consistent with game use. Mr Larussa stated that the bat was solicited from Mr. Mattingly directly after an A's game against the Yankees just prior to the Auction Event. Now my question, would it be beneficial to have the bat PSA/DNA authenticated, I do plan on releiving myself of the prized item in the near future. Does PSA/DNA authentication add appeal and marketing value to the bat, once I make it avalable through normal collector channels. My apologies for the extended note, and eagerly looking forward for your advice. Thank You.
A:Would love to see pics of her! Sounds like a great piece! Most Mattingly bat collectors are pretty knowledgeable and a COA wouldn't hurt, but it may not help that much either. For instance, If I was going to buy the bat, I don't care if it had the COA or not. There are a many folks who don't care about COA's and are more interested in the provenance of the bat - which you have great provenance and that alone will help sell the bat. A COA may help you appeal to a larger audience. It's really a personal call and with the provenance you already have, the COA will only help marginally in my opinion. It definitely can't hurt you though....

Would love to see pics and I may have personal interest in it also - look forward to hearing back from you - you can reach me at jcaravello@nc.rr.com - thanks, Jim
Q:Hi Jim, I was just offered a Don Mattingly game used bat - it's a Louisville Slugger - has Flame Tempered stamped into it and is a Model R161 - from everything I read in your blogs, this sounds like it's not authentic - what are your thoughts please
A:Hi - thanks for your question. If the bat has Flame Tempered stamped to the right of the oval centerbrand, the bat is a store model bat and was not made for Donnie's use. Also - he never ordered R161 models during his career. Please let me know how else I can help. Thanks! Jim
Q:Please help me identify the main charachteristics of the Yankees Spring Training Jerseys from 1987. I see a double-whhite band, and the label is wilson but no size number on it? my email is vf1212@hotmail.com its a mattingly jersey and he signed it
A:Hi - thanks for your e-mail. I do not track Yankees spring training jerseys from this era and would not be able to help you on a 1987 jersey. You may want to contact Rob Steinmetz on the site and he might be able to help you better. If he can't, he can probably put you in touch with someone who can. Thanks for your question and good luck - let me know how else I can help. Jim
Q:Mr, Caravello I wanted to start collecting more vintage type bats, pre 80's. I am a huge Yankees fan, and wanted to start along those lines. Can you recommend a good starting point for my firsts vintage bat? something in a moderate price range $1000-$1500. I was thinking maybe a Murcer bat or a Torre, even if he didn't play for the yankees. Any suggestion or ideas would be great. Thanks Scott jetersbatboy@hawaiiantel.net
A:Hi Scott - thanks for your post. I think it's a great idea to collect pre-80 bats as they tend to keep their value - and or increase in value and are getting tougher and tougher to find. Based on your price range, you can get a great quality bat of a former Yankee or maybe a couple depending upon who you are looking for. My suggestion is to collect what you like - players you like, etc. I personally would get something that had heavy use and maybe good provenenance as to its origin. Maybe try to find a GU bat of one of your idols as a kid. Murcer was certainly one of my idols growing up and is a great bat to have in any collection. Torre, although he didn't play for the Yankees - was a great player and his bats are always in demand. As you look at bats in the market and want opinions and ideas, please don't hesitate to e-mail me directly. Lastly - have fun with this - collecting game used bats can be very rewarding. Let me know how else I can help and good luck with the hunt! Jim
Q:Hello Jim: I have a Yankees pinstriped home jersey that I am trying to get authenticated or evaluated that supposedly was worn by Mantle in a late 1970's or 1980's Old Timers Game and was told it was given to a guy in Memphis Tennessee in 1989. It is a Number 7 jersey with Wilson tagging and is a size 44. I know he usually wore a 42, but I heard later in life he had to go up a size. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying to get ahold of MEARS and haven't had any luck. Thanks David
A:Hi David - unfortunately I do not know much about Yankees Old Timer's jerseys - I have see many offered for sale over the years but really haven't tracked them and have never owned or handles any of them. I would sugges contacting Rob Steinmetz first to get his thoughts and I would also continue to try MEARS as well as posting a thread on our Forum as there may be a collector or two who might be able to assist. Sorry I am not much help on this, but this is out of my area of knowledge. Good luck and let me know how else I can help - Jim
Q:I have what I was told a game used Ty Cobb Hillerich& Bradsby Louisville slugger#125 chocolate brown bat it has his trademark black tape mark left on the handle it also has spike marks on the top handle and the barrel of the bat.The only thing is I know he liked a 34.5 inch bat this bat has 36 stamped at top of bat could this bat be from before he settled on that size? I don't believe this is a replica 1961-64 bat it is much older then that. I received this bat in 1982 from a gentleman I worked with when I opened my sports card store he wanted me to sell it but I told him I was a huge Detroit Tiger fan and I would put it on display. He told me he got the bat in the late 1970's when he worked for the San Diego Chargers who were cleaning out some storage area's there was all kinds of sports stuff that was given to some empoyees he said he took the bat because it was the only name he heard of. I wish I had more info but that is all I have. I really don't want to part with it but I am now disabled I was a letterr carrier for 20 years with the USPS. I would appreciate any feedback. Sincerly Sam McClafferty phone# 302-494-5563
A:Hi Sam - sounds interesting - please e-mail me pics and I'll help any way I can - thanks, Jim

Q:Hi,I was wondering if you would give me some info on a baseball bat and player bat is a hillerich&bradsby dates from 1934-1944 nothing on the knob and 35 inches long and the only thing on the barrell is Al Marchi,do you know any thing about him.Thanks Dave
A:Dave - I have never heard of Al Marchi. Follow the link below though - looks like he played in the Western International League in the late 30's, which would match up to the lableing period of your bat You will see Al's name mentioned at the very bottom of the page in the SPOKANE - April 23 writeup. It was common for better players in the various minor leagues from this era to have both block and signature model bats made for them by Louisville Slugger. Hope this helps. Jim

Q:Jim, I have a Vernon Stephens Hillerich & Bradsby bat that is approximately 33.5 inches long. The knob is etched with S2, and the label reads Louisville Slgger 125 Hillerich & Bradsby CO Made in USA Louisville Kentucky Reg US Pat Off with the word Powerized above the label. The barrel reads Genuine Vernon Stephens Louisville Slugger (the name is etched in cursive). Is there any chance that this is a gamer or player issued model? Did he ever use 33.5 (approximately) inch bats? I can submit scans if needed. Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide. Alan
A:Hi Alan - sorry for the delay in getting back to you, as I have been traveling quite a bit with work. Would it be possible to send my pics of the bat to jcaravello@nc.rr.com - let's start there first and we can look at it closer then - please send pics of knob, centerbrand and barrel - thanks in advance. Jim
Q:Hi Jim,I have a1950-1960 hillerich&Bradsby M117 and its great looking bats,need some help to identify the player .The name on the barrell is Bickett in block letters.Thank you for your help Dave
A:Hi Dave - send me some pics to jcaravello@nc.rr.com and let's look at together. It doesn't appear that a "Bickett" played in the majors in the 50-60 labeling period. The bat could be a minor league or semi-pro level bat. Would love to look at it though. let m eknow how I can help. Thanks, Jim
Q:Hi I have a bat& a baseball I just purchased from an estate for 60.00. The bat reads Draper maynard Model 74 With the # 100 underneath the trademark. The dog has spots on it.. The bat is mint. The baseball has real hi seams & to is mint. I can not make anything out on the ball. I was wondering what this might be worth? Thanks Paul
A:Hi Paul - sounds like a store model bat - can you send pics to me at jcaravello@nc.rr.com and we can go from there - thanks, Jim
Q:Hi Jim! I have an authentic MLB Spalding baseball hand signed by Yogi Berra. The cork center stamp apparently dates it between 1917 and 1925. It is a Charles Feeney edition in perfect shape, also have the box(not in great shape). Any idea of it's val;ue? Terry R.
A:Hi Terry - I don't track autographs and vintage ball values at all. There is a value associated with the autograph as well as for the vintage ball. You should contact Justin Priddy on this Forum and I think he will be able to help you much better than I could. Justin's contact info will be found in the Autograph Forum.

Let me know how else I can help. Thanks! Jim
Q:Hi Jim I have a 1930-1947 Joe Di Maggio 125J.D. 36" Powerized bat. It's in great shape, has ball marks, and old pine tar on handle. Should I clean them off? and how? as a bat collector I would appreciate your opinion. Thank You. Richard
A:Hi Richard - would love to see pics of your bat - based on your description, it's hard to tell if it's a store model, indexed bat, or professional model bat. I would NOT clean the ball marks and pine tar off the bat. That will definitely decrease the value of the bat. Send some pics to jcaravello@nc.rr.com and I'd be glad to look at the bat further with you to see what you have. Once again - do not remove the ball marks and tar - that's the use and player attributes that collector's love to see! Jim
Q:Jim, I'm curious to know if you know of any players that don't use pine tar or mota stick? If they use tape or gloves that is fine, but what players don't use tar, mota, or some other sticky substance like that? Thanks, Anthony
A:Anthony - that's a tough question to answer - there were and are many players who didn't / don't use pine tar - I don't know how to really answer that unless you were speaking of specific players.......
Q:Hello Jim: Happy 4th of July to you~ I have a GEM condition signed on the sweet spot Bobby Brown American League baseball with Roger Maris on the sweetspot. It is one of the nicest Maris autographs that I have ever seen~ Maris died in 1985 and Brown was the president from 1984-1994, which is my concern. Can you please send me your email address so that I can attach some photographs for you to look at~ I am aquaintances with Jimmy Spence and sent him some photographs and he really wasn't able to make a definitive answer~ Thanks Again~ David Price at: miamifireman73@hotmail.com
A:David - sorry for the delay in getting to you - I have been delinquent in checking this page for questions. I am no Maris expert, but I'll try to help. Please e-mail pics to jcaravello@nc.rr.com - thanks, Jim
Q:Where did you purchase the replica Yankee Stadium wall? I would love to get a 408ft center field replica. Thanks in advance for a response.
A:I bought the wall from the company that makes the Yankees stadium panels ( or did - from the old stadium ) - please e-mail me at jcaravello@nc.rr.com and I can give you all the details on this. THanks, Jim
Q:I have a few Mo Rivera autograpghs in questions. Can you please point me in the right direction to help study these autographs to determine if real? Thanks!
A:Hi - I would post on the Autograph Forum here - there are plenty of folks who can help - I would post photos. I am not an autopgraph expert - far from it. Thanks and good luck....Jim
Q:Vince Malta does not answer questions. I asked was if there are H&B shipping records for Indian Bob Johnson. Since then I have purchased a 1936-1938 gamer of Bob's. I did not want to invest in a full membership until my question was answered. Thanks.
A:Hi - sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We do not have Bob Johnson's shipping records. Our database includes over 300 records including HOFers, but Bob Johnson is not in that group. You may want to post your question directly on the Forum and direct it specifically to Member "BMH" who works at the factory. Let me know how else I can help. Thanks, Jim
Q:I have a Roberto Clemente Louisville Slugger Bat 35" long. The only bat of Roberto i clan find is 32" long. How would I find out more about this bat? Thank you.
A:Why don't you send pics of the bat, including the centerbrand, barrel label and knob to jcaravello@nc.rr.com and I will take a look at it for you and can help you. Thanks, Jim

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