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Q:hi barry andy fogelstill collect mets?
A:Hi Andy,
I'm still into the Mets, but I pretty much have everything I need with the exception of game-worn jerseys.
Do you have any?

Q:I have loads of game used jerseys . Also my 24 86 jerseys are going to be in mets aug 19 program celebrating 86 mets. Give me your email and i will send latest available list. Regards Andy
A:Hi Andy,
Saw the story on your collection in the Times or News (can't remember which), but it was great to see the No. Mets Collection in the world getting its proper publicity.

My E-M is bmeisel@meigray.com

Q:hi! barry do you know anybody who does game used cap authintication
Sorry, I do not. Our emphasis is hockey.

Q:Barry - I'm interested on the MeiGray photo-match service. What would be the first step to get this done? I navigated on MeiGray website, but I'm unable to locate anything regarding the service. I have few Kobe Bryant game-worn uniforms that I intend to photo-match. Your advise would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
A:Sorry, but I just noticed your question.

We would be happy to authenticate this Kobe. Our fee is $500 per jersey, plus an additional $100 if you want a printed 8 X 10 color photo LOA, a photo-match of the jersey.

LMK, Thanks, Barry

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