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Q:Mike -- I am not sure about the best way to submit my question, so I will send it to both you and Jim. In the 1990's I collected Mo Vaughn bats while he was a Red Sox player. I have 12 LVS bats that I believe date from 1989 to 1996. The 1989, 1990, and 1992 bats would be from the minors (Mo briefly went back to the minors in 1992). Do you have Mo's bat records while he was on the Red Sox? Thank you. David
A:hi David-- we do not have Mo Vaughn's H & B records, however there are numerous Vaughn abd Red sox collectors on the forum. --A question to the open forum may provide the information you are looking for.
Good Luck.
Q:Hello Mike, I recently subscribed to this service seeking knowledege for the bats I own but dont know a heck of alot about. The records did not include any many of the bats that I own so I look to you for enlightenment. I received a few in person but bought most from major dealers at SportsFest and the National, etc. I recently bought my first house and cannot currently afford to have all of my bats authenticated so I subscribed to this service in the hope of being assured I had authentic memorabila. Any enlightenment would be much appeciated on the following bats in my collection: Cal Ripken P149, he signed it for me and wrote "Game Used" on it after looking it over at the National a couple of years back, Kirby Puckett P339 signed but not used, Junior Spivey I13, used in Omaha while in AAA, Alex Rodriguez R205 signed "Game Used 2002" from ASI purchased at the 2003 Sportsfest show, Ozzie Smith C235 purchased at a charity auction in Clarinda, IA, and the pride of my collection....a George Brett C271 unfinished with massive pine tar. A response from you would be much appeciated. Thank you, Mike Krier Omaha, NE mikekrier@cox.net 402-212-4205
A:Here is some info on several of your bats Mike---

Puckett ---Model P339 first appears in his records on 6/16/92. If cupped, it was shipped in 1992 or 1993. If uncupped, 1992, 1994, or 1995. It should be either 34.5 inches or 35 inches.

Ripken- The bat you list as P149 is likely a model F149, which was ordered all four years during the 1986-89 labeling period. The bat should be measured at 35 inches.

Ozzie Smith first ordered model C235 in 1982, then nopt again until 1989 through the end of his career in 1996. Orders were sent in several lengths, including 32 inch, 33 inch, 34 inch, 34.5 inch, 35 inch, 35.5 inch, and 36 inch.

Brett- model C271 were prevalent from 1987 through 1992 with no finish.

I have no information on the Spivey bat.

Re the Arod bat, a search thru the search feature of GUU forums will bring up a wealth of material about his bats and Arod's early relationship with ASI.

Good luck in the future.


Q:Mike- Are decal H&B bats ever considered pro or "game used"?
A: decal bats are usually numbered 40 or 40 with the players initials after them (40TC for ty Cobb) ...
We used to say that after 1915, most H&B gamers would be a model 125 which still holds true but major league players also used decal bats, cork grip bats and model 250's as well as off brands such as Hanna , Zinn Beck, Spalding, Reach, etc. so each bat has to be examined on it's own merit.
For instance Cobb decal bats, there are more style variations of his bats than any other decal bat H&B ever made with at least four different style decals and some color variations. A collection of minty full size decal bats would be an impressive thing indeed but would take years to complete and would require some pretty deep pockets as any of the early minty Hall of Famers command figures that meet or exceed the Cobb. Other known decal bat models include Tris Speaker, Hank Gowdy, Home Run Baker, Joe Jackson, Honus Wagner, Nap Lajoie, Rogers Hornsby, Eddie Collins, Jake Daubert, Harry Davis, George Sisler and Travis Jackson. And these are just the pre war H&B models with the full color picture decals. Other companies also made decal bats such as Stahl & Dean and the Louisville Mascot company which also featured full color pictures of players. There was a new series of decal bats brought out by Louisville Slugger in the 1950's and if minty, they too command some strong prices, especially the DiMaggio and Mantle along with Ruth, Williams, and Jackie Robinson but they pale in both value and beauty compared to the pre war models. Again, however, the instances of true major league game used decal bats are rare and far between..... Without unimpeachable provenance, I would opt for a known pro model ...Good Luck
Q:Hi Mike. I have a Ed Mathews LS125 with "S2" on the knob, 34 inches in length, "REG U.S. PAT OFF." stamped below the label, deeply burned lettering, and appears very high quality. Regrettably, I do not know the weight. Is there a chance this is a game used bat? Or a coaches bat? Thanks.
A:Hi...here is a response about a similar bat with pre-1965 labeling such as yours sounds...Good Luck...Mike

I looked at the GUU chart for Mathews, then looked at Mathews factory records....I think there was an input error (the charting is about a 4 stage process from doing the chart, input it to word doc for inclusion in the upcoming book, then re input into GUU site format)....The only orders of 34 inche bats in Mathews entire career are 8/20/54 - S182, and 7/8/66 S2 wide grain flame treated with specific instruction to mark weight on knob (32)....I agree it looks like 1950-1960 .....During that period Mathews had order of 1 34.5 inch bat M160 in 1953 and a 34.5 inch S2 order on 5/21/63 ...
My personal opinion, if the seller has measured it correctly at 34 inches (you might write him to confirm) is a pro model team index bat that does not match Mathews factory records but exhibits use by an unknown player (after your exam of it)....Team index bats of HOF ers have gotten some good prices recently (Clemente, Ted williams) but I think the buyers probably did not understand that a MEARS A7 index bat most likely (very most likely) never made it into the signature players hands.
Q:Dear Mr. Specht,I am hoping that you can help me with two bats that I have. Both of the bats are from Hillerich & Bradsby. The first of these bats is a Mickey Mantle Model K55. The labeling of the bat is consistent with those produced between the years of 1977-1979. I am sure that it is not a store model bat as there is no number imprinted on the top of the handle. It is in virtually unused condition with the exception of some possible/subtle bat rack marks. The top of the bat has finish on it while the handle area is bare. The second bat I have is a Jackie Robinson Model R17. The labeling on this bat places it between the years 1973-1975. The model number is imprinted onto the top of the handle. The bat is in almost unused condition with the exception of remnants of white tape around the handle. The top of the bat appears to have a light finish while the bottom is bare. I was wondering if you could provide me with any additional information about these bats and their approximate value. I have pictures of the bats if that would help you.Looking forward to hearing from you,Craig H. Gelbard
A:Hi Craig... It sounds like both of these bats are post season Pro Stock bats made available by H & B to Major and Minor League teams, etc. Both clearly post-date the player's careers. Send me the lengths and weights of these bats and I will let you know how close they come to matching the specifications actually ordered by Mantle and Robinson during their careers. ... as far as values, probably $150 or so each, possibly a little more if the dimensions match the players personal factory records... If you have frther questions (and the pics) Craig, either post on the forum or send to me directly at Jackitout7@aol.com for the quickest response...Good Luck...Mike
A:Hi Mark-- Yes, if the ball is authentically signed by those three players, it would have a rather significant value, The first step would be to take photos of the three signatures and pass them on to the Game used Universe expert Justin Priddy, either by posting or contacting him through the Experts Corner. With autographs, a LOA from a well recognized authenticator like Justin Priddy at Global, Jim Spence, or Mike Gutierrez increases the value dramatically. Good Luck with your ball. If you have further questions, contact me directly at Jackitout7@aol.com. Mike
Q:Hi Mike,I picked up an Enrique Qilson Mizuno Pro Limited with Enrique Wilson and Professional stamped on the barrel. Any thoughts on if this is a game bat and what year(s) it may have been used?
A:Hi Mike-- Mizuno labeling seems to change quite regularly, but in general, here goes: The traditional Mizuno center brand with Pro Limited above Enrique Wilson's name and Professional below his name on the barrel would be dated to the 2000 season. If the Mizuno Pro script above Wilson's name has a very severe, slanted look (and look for a horizontal line through the letter z) then date the bat to 2003 season. Good Luck...Mike
Q:I read your article in Beckett Elite and was wondering how I can get H & B shipping records for my 1934 Ruth game used bat. You mentioned in your articlel that these are availble through this site. How do I do I get thme? Sincerly, Mark Haverkos. P.S. Thanks for the article. It was quite informative.
A:Hi Mark--
Thanks for your positive input on the Beckett Elite. It will be a feature in each issue and hopefully will bring some insights to game used bat collectors. On this site, Hall of Fame bat charts (records) can be accessed by members through the "Game Used Library" icon on the top banner. Currently there are about 90 charts published, with the remainder to be posted within the next 30 to 45 days. The access is to members of the site, which costs $40.00 for a year. that membership fee does, however, include a copy of the upcoming new edition of Vince malta's book on Louisville, which also will include incredible info on labeling periods, origins, and all existing records for every Hall of Fame player. The book itself will retail in the $30.00 range, so it is quite a bargain. The book is in the final stages (3 weeks) of proofing and editing, and should be published and in members hands in late November. As to ruth's 1934 louisville Slugger records, he was 28 bats that year, 16 of which were shipped tio him on 10/10/34 for use on the 1934 tour of japan. All bats shipped to him that year were His 8-17-33 model, which was made off of the Art Jergens 4-8-32 model but with a larger end. When model numbers were introduced in the early 1940's, this model became Model R43. The 1954 bats were 35 inches in length and weighed between 35 and 36.5 ounces at time of shipping. Hope this information helps. This is the kind of information that is on the game used universe Player Bat Charts, and that also will appear in Vince malta's book. Good Luck with future collecting. Mikie
Q:Mike-Just curious where I can find information on how to date Mizuno game used bats. I have 3 bats that are Mizuno... a Pete Rose Jr, Barry Larkin, and Ivan Rodriguez and I am really curious what year they are from. Thanks for any help you can provide.Ben Fieldbengfield@juno.com

Q:mike,ivan here. i have a manny sanguillen bat; k44, 35", 77-79. i want to know how many he ordered during this period. i know manny and he told me that this bat was not his normal use bat rather an experimental bat that was introduced to him by willie stargell. anyway, i would like to know. thanks mike. ivan
A:Hi Ivan--- K44 was one of Sanguillens favorite models throughout his career and was ordered by him many times Between August 1968 and January 1981....In the 1977-79 label period he made approx 40 orders of K44, far more than any other model...approx 150 bats......lengths were between 36 inches, 36 1/2 " (most), and 37 inches.....weight in the 35 to 37 ounce range...Finishes were Flame Treated, natural, Hickory, and walker....Good Luck......NOTE: he may have been referring to the length of your bat, at 35 " it is not documented...possible a team index bat that he may or may not have used.....K44 is definitely a correct Sanguillen model though.....Mike
Q:Hello Mike- Ca you givve me some information on Musial bats for the periods 1961-63, model, lengths & weights. ThanksPatrick Magill
A:Hi Patrick--
From 2/22/61 to9/16/63 ALL orders sent to Musial were model M159 bats. amd all were 34 1/2 inches in length...Weight was generally 31 to 32 ounces, with an order of 30 oz and 33 oz also documented...Both block letter and signature model can be found during this time frame...

Q:Mike- Please explain the different alpha markings on the Adirondack bats. I thought that "A" and "B" are professional model bats, sometimes "C" and rarely if ever "D"s. Thanks Patrick

Hi Patrick ---- here is some general information on the Adirondack labeling: The info below was in response to a forum question a few months ago...(search ' Adirondack Labeling" in the forums and the thread should come up...Basically you are correct...I have seen absolutely legitimate "C" models, but it is known they were also offered for retail sales. ... but I would not trust a "D" model unless there was no alternative and it pretty much came from the player himself WITH professional game used characteristics.... I noticed in a recent auction (I forget what auction house) there were alot of Adirondack "D" models (Joe Adcock comes to mind) that had certs from somewhere.....My belief is that blanket certs of Adirondack "D" models is way too liberal and misleading to the collector...Anyway, here is the previous post: Good Luck...Mike

The model number stamped into the knob of a professional model Adirondack/Rawlings bat is usually one, two, or three numbers, followed by one or two letters. The typical letters used by Adirondack in this fashion on professional model bats include A, B, X, and XX, such as appear on the following bats I have authenticated in the past -- Ted Simmons 256A, Garry Maddox 154B, Dick Stuart 113X, Mickey Mantle 113A, and Bobby Bonds 154XX.

Adirondack also used model numbers on professional model bats that start with one or two letters followed by two numbers. This most often occurs when the player's initials appear as part of the model number. Commonly seen letters used in this manner include M (Willie Mays M63), MS (Mike Schmidt MS20), DW (Dave Winfield DW20), RJ (Reggie Jackson 288RJ) and others. CAUTION: Do not confuse this Adirondack numbering system with H & B -- it is OK to have a player's initials stamped into the knob of an Adirondack professional bat, however if a Louisville Slugger has a player's initials stamped into the knob end it is a store bat (for instance, MM4).

There has always been some controversy surrounding Adirondack bats that have the letters C or D following the series of numbers in the model number. Some collectors' believe that Adirondack offered both C and D model bats to both the public via catalogue and to professional players. Others have the opinion that D bats were primarily shipped to colleges for the school's use. In 1991 bat researcher/collector Mike Montbriand stated that he was comfortable with C model bats with provenance, explaining : "I base that on my personal experience with C model bats plus my knowledge that professional ballplayers, such as Harmon Killebrew, own professional model Adirondack bats with model numbers stamped in the knob ending with the letter C." I, also, have personally seen Adirondack bats that are undoubtedly professional model bats that have come straight from former batboys, circa 1950's and 1960's, with model numbers ending with the letter C.

The same controversy exists with Adirondack S model bats made prior to 1968.

As both Jim and I have noted repeatedly in responses to questions on this forum and in blog postings, YOU must be comfortable with the legitimacy of any bat you are considering , and what it ultimately comes down to is the probability that any specific bat is what it is purported to be. For my money, the less controversy the better !!!
Q:Mike, if you get a chance, take a peek at the "ed roush records" post in bat shipping records. I did a bit of research, and interested on your thoughts...
A:OK...will check it out by Thursday AM....Tomorrow is wife's birthday and I may not get the chance until then....Mike
Q:I have a Cal Ripken Game Used Bat that has a black finish, is a Young Bat Official Pro with Cal Ripken and Baltimore Orioles in Block Letters. There are the letters CR Y17 onthe knob under the 8 written in marker. Does this match any known records forRipken? Thank you
A:There are no Young Bat Company factory records available, but here is some generasl info on Cal Jrs ordering patterns....check for a length of 35 inches for the most comfort...he deviated a little from 35 inches during his career, but not very often,,, weight should be very close to 33 ounces... notable Ripken use characteristics include pine tar, pounded barrel, cleat marks.....

Use the search function on the site for young co bats and also about ripken Jr bats which have had many posts...also as the question on the forum as there are at least 3 hard core ripken Jr collectors who have very detailed info concerning bats used by Ripken in games...

Good Luck

Q:Hi Mike! I saw your comments on this site as follows: "As you know, there has been virtually no access to Adirondack / Rawlings factory records over the years, despite some significant attempts." I just posted my 1996 Alex Rodriguez Rawlings/Adirondack Game Used HR#15 Bat on Game Used Universe - Game Used Memorabilia Discussion to see if anyone has seen an earlier arod HR bat, as mine. Just thought I would let you know I did get a letter from the Rawlings Company, signed by Bill Steele, Professional Bat Operations Supervisor in April this year. I will say it took me more than 7 months to get it, but after being very persistent, I finally did. I believe Mr. Steele helped me because I am in the military and had just completed 27 years of active naval service. Wasn't easy, but I finally got the letter. Just thought I would let you know. Oh, by the way, the letter states that only 12 bats were made for arod in 1996. Does that make the bat any rarer, with only 12 made of this model in 1996? Thanks! This is an awesome website. I find myself on it every day. Happy Holiday's! Tony (3arod13)
A:Hi Tony-- Congratulations on both your Military service and your response from Mr Steele... The documentation from him regarding your bat is unique and very solid in terms of provenance. The fact that this bat is one of twelve models ordered/shipped to Arod in 1996 increases its value .. I am taking the liberty to forward this note to Jim Caravello, who may have some additional info...
All the best, Mike
Q:"I am taking the liberty to forward this note to Jim Caravello, who may have some additional info... All the best, Mike" Mike, thanks! I thought about asking him a question if he could find more details about the shipment of the bat. I have two other arod bats from 1997 (will put them on the website today so you can see the. Massive, Massive Game use, taped handles, etc. These bats were used for a while. Not like today's so called gamers. Is Jim the one who could tell me about shipping information for these bats? I have letters from louisville slugger about how many arod order of this mode (I13) and what years he order this model. This is what the numbers are: After looking into Arod's orders and counting them individually, it looks as though he has ordered 5,852 bats to date. I counted 15 different model numbers (some with small variations, like cup'd or no cup'd ends). The two most popular finishes were the Black (the most dominate of the two) and Natural. Roughly, he orders about 24 natural (blonde) bats a year. Different models, C271C, C271, M110, G174C, G174, G175C, G175, R219C, R219C, M356, P72, I13, S341, S341C, and R205. The numbers break down as follow for your Louisville Slugger I13 Blonde Bats: 96-10 97-16 98-12 00-50 He ordered 106 total. Above are numbers for blonde bats (which I have two). All my best! Love this website! Tony (3arod13) Chris Geoghegan Louisville Slugger "The Hardest Hitting Name In Sports" 1-800-282-BATS Ext. 6307
A:Thanks for the Arod info Tony-- The more recent records like that are not as easy to come by as they once were...Mike
Q:Hi again Mike. Thanks for the quick response. Just posted my other two arod gamers. Massive use. Check them out. Regards, Tony (3arod13) Hi Jim. Would like you to check out my two arod bats and tell me what you think. Also, can you provide additional shipping information about these two bats? Love this website. Regard, Tony (3arod13) http://www.gameuseduniverse.com/vb_forum/showthread.php?p=27486#post27486
A:Tony-- did you send this th jim Caravello via his own Expert's Corner page ?? Mike
Q:Can you tell me if this is a real bat or one that you could buy back in the day. I made a offer and hes uped it but its a good deal i think. Thanks Ebay item # 320058573228
A:This is a post0career H & B bat manufactured for show signings and other promotional events. The model and length are found in Brett's favtory records from his playing days, but again, this is not a pro model game used bat. That being said, it appears to be a nicely signed Brett replica H & B bat that would make a nice display item. Good Luck...Mike
Q:Mike, I find this odd. Two years ago, I requested bat info (number of bats ordered by arod of this model) on my two LVS I13 Arod bats. I received it with no problems. Since arod updated my bats, I requested an updated letter. This was the response. I was surprised. Any comments? Tony Tony, Sorry I havenít gotten back to you sooner. I was away on a business trip and then we had a death in the family. I checked around the company about your project and unfortunately the rules have changed around here about us authenticating items or things of this nature. They have suggested that we forward all inquiries to a gentleman by the name of Dave Bushing. You may reach him at 847-816-6847 or dbushing1@aol.com and he may be able to help you with this. Sorry again for the delay. Thanks, Chris
A:Hi Tony-- It is very difficult to get info from H & B now. The people that used to be very nice about researching records and disseminating info have pretty much retired, etc (Bill Williams, Karen Devoto, Rex Bradley, etc)...They may still allow a few researchers limited time I believe, but the availability of records is not even close to what it used to be (and it was never wide-spread anyway.) The last major availability was the info that is in the GUU Player Bat Charts, researched by Vince Malta within the past 2 years or so (that is the info in his new book). I think that H & B gives out Dave Bushing's number as a resource as he was one of the handful of people they allowed to research records in the past. Basically, H & B has taken the stance that they are not an authentication company, and that, in all honesty, the "records" were never more that internal company documents, never originally intended for scrutiny by the public. I've seen your posts on the A-rod bats and suggest that you keep all documentation that you have so far been able to gather on the orders, etc. Good Luck....
Q:I have seen two differnt type of Joe DiMaggio bats- brand with cursive writing and brand with ALL caps branding. I have seen the cursive brand all of the place and recently stumbled upon the ALL caps (DIMAGGIO) version. When was the ALL caps version made and how long did he use this version? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
A:Hi --

Joe DiMaggio signed an endorsement contract with H & B on 8/10/33. From that point forward, his shipping records indicate the use of his signature on bats shipped to him. It is not known whether there were periods when the contract lapsed, say during WWII, and had to be renewed. One key to DiMaggio bats is that he very very rarely ordered/used any bats other than 36 inches in length (a very few 35 inch length bats in 1933, 1935, 1948, 1949). Check closely the labeling on any "block letter" Joe DiMaggio bat, as it is very atypical and may have been manufactured for some purpose other than professional use.
Q:Hello Mike- You have answered many questions regarding Adirondack bats over the last several months. However, re-reading your answers to my questions, I dont recall you opinion on the "V" model bats. I know that A, B, X,XX are generally professional model bats, with C,D, S models generally store model. But what about V model and any other alpha model model bats that might pop up in auctions and for sale? Many Thanks Patrick
A:Hi Patrick--

V series Adirondack were genberally sent to Minor Leagues and Colleges...There have been no documented instances of V series bats being used in a Major League game...

Q:Mr. Specht, Thank you for reading my letter. I have been collecting GUBs for some time now and I have focused on collecting only bats used by current and former Pirates players. Recently I purchased a bat thru Ebay that had all of the characteristics of a gamer. The bat in question is: Keith Osik Louisville Slugger Genuine R205 Pittsburgh Pirates barrel labeling #15/R205/34-32 in yellow paint on the knob Handle crack and numerous ball and lace marks on the barrel. The one thing that has me puzzled is after I received it where the word "Powerized" should be located it instead has embossed "Air Dried". I have never seen another bat with this marking and am questioning if someone may have "doctored" this up to look game used or was this an actual label that may have been on some LS bats? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I still may have a chance to return this bat. Thank you. Jack Hewett jrhrlh
A:The a"Air dried" stamping is found on professional model bats. Your Oisk bat sounds like it has been well prepared for professional use, and subesequently well-used. Here is a link to a thread which discusses the Air dried process, etc, thanks to my friend Tom Duino.


Good Luck-- Mike

Q:Mike- When did pro stock bats (S2) of Eddie Mathews become available, ie late 50s, early 60s? Thanks Bigcat
A:When a player signs an endorsement contract with H & B, it allows the company to begin producing bats bearing the player's name for retail sales. In this case, Mathews signed his first endorsement contract with H & B on 7/17/51, which allowed the company use of his name on their products. However his first shipment of S2 bats was shipped earlier in 1950 (which would have been block letter.and used in the minors.) Thus the use of S2 as Mathews' Pro Stock model would not have occurred until after July 17, 1951.

Good Luck---Mike
Q:Hi. A quick question. Vintage has a Babe Ruth "Northwest" Block Letter bat. I get the sense they think it was not used by Ruth. I know nothing about Ruth bats, but this one looks too inexpensive and there are no bids. Do you have a view on it? Thanks, Allan (allan@adr.ca)
A:Hi Allan--

There is no known documentation available that suggests that bats manufactured by Northwest Sporting Goods Company, Chicago, Illinois were ever used by players in professional games. The length is within known dimensions used by Ruth, but the weight is lighter than generally accepted as ruth's professional range. I would not value this bat as a professional model Babe ruth game-used bat.

Good Luck.-- Mike
Q:Mike- How much pine tar did Barry Bonds use over his career. I have seen several Bonds bats and most have either taped handles or light to modest pine tar. Has he ever used heavy pine tar? Thanks Bigcat
A:Hi Bigcat--

You are correct in thinking that the "characteristic" Barry Bonds game-used bat is usually seen with light or medium pine tar application. However, as with most things, there is no hard and fast rule here. Heavy pine tar application by bonds has been documented at various times thorughout his career as well, more frequently in the early to mid 1990's, although also in 2000. Heavy application of pine tar may appear other times as well....Provenance is a key consideration when looking to purchase a Barry Bonds bat.

Good Luck---Mike
Q:Mike, I recently obtained a Jim Thome Game Used Bat that has excellent Thome characteristics including the taped knob--an early version. The model number 491B is stamped on the knob and the year 1997 along with the letters AL/WS. The bat is 34 inches long. Is this a 1997 World Series Bat?
A:That labeling is consistent with a Rawlings / Adirondack bat manufactured for a player's use in post-season play.
Q:Hi Mike, I have an H&B Rico Carty bat measuring 36 1/4" and unfortunately I don't have the ability now to get the weight. It is marked 125 in the center-brand stamp. It also has the R with a circle around it above the d in Powerized. I believe this puts the bat between 1976-79. The model number is marked on the barrel and is K44. Rico's name is not an autograph but is in all caps "RICO CARTY". There is no vault mark on the knob. The bat shows wear..a couple of cleat marks on the barrel and a few bat-rack marks. The color is a dark brown and the wood grain is very tight. All of the markings are burned in deep. Does this info line up with Rico's bats? Thank you so much for your time. Jake
A:Hi Jake--- If the center label is the "old style" (pre-1980) and has the model number on the barrel label as you note, with the Powerized branding instead of the 1976 logo, then the bat falls into the 1977-79 labeling period. Carty has only one documented order of bats that fit your description. The bats were shipped to him on 6/18/79 --- Model K44, 36 inches / 35 ounces / Hickory finish. Block lettering indicates that he did not have an endorsement contract with H & B at that time. Carty used model K44 bats a few times throughout his career, but overall it is a pretty rare Carty model. Good luck in future collecting...Mike
Q:Hello Mr. Specht: I am interested in bidding for the bat that Hank Aaron used to hit his 704th homerun. This bat was sold in 2006 at Heritage Auction and is now being offered at MemoryLane. Is there any concern about this bat among experts or collectors that I have not heard about? Do you have any opinion on this bat? I would appreciate your input. Thanks Tuan Pham 858-385-0831
A:I am not aware of any concerns surrounding this bat. The authentication appears complete and the provenance appears solid. Good Luck in your bidding.

Also, as a side note, check out the post career bat used by Aaron in a 1982 Home Run Derby in Atlanta (he lost to Frank Howard) that will be listed in the upcoming GUU auction... The bat is sourced from the person who originally received the bat directly from Aaron, and has one of the nicest Aaron signatures you will ever see on a bat.
Q:Mike- Is there are source that I can referece regarding the numbers written on knobs of bats? For example, I have seen Aaron bats with 44 written both an open 4 and a pointed 4. The same for 3s written on Killebrew bats, flat top 3s and rounded 3s.Thanks Patrck
A:Hi Patrick--

I am not aware of any written reference work which examines and dates the fonts which appear on model numbers (on the knob) and correlates different fonts with specific labeling periods. ... Sorry. Mike
Q:Mike, a friend of mine recently picked up several Louisville Slugger game bats from the 69-75 era. Most of them are Dodger players and the person who had them worked for the Albuquerqe Dukes. . My question is about a block letter Sutton bat. It's a K55C model whick is not one of the models that he used. The bat is from the 73-75 period and had his number 20 written on both ends. Could there be an error in the stamping, or what do you think he has here. Thanks, Clint
A:Hi Clint--

As you know, Sutton never had an endorsement contract with H & B , therefore all bats made for him by H & B for any reason would have the block letter name. It is impossible to give a definitive answer without seeing the bat. If it has strong professional game used characteristics it may be a pro model bat manufactured by H & B for Sutton that did not get documented in his records. It is possible that it is a replica, or show bat used for signings at promotional events and replicating the 1973-75 branding. It is unlikely that it would be a team index bat due to Sutton's lack of an endorsement contract. A stamping error is another possibility,-- check and see if it happens to be 34.5 inches, as all of Sutton's orders during that period of K75C bats were in that length. If you have another K75 or K55 model to compare it to, see if it matches or not...if it matches the geometry of the K75, then it quite possibly was mis-stamped. The primary difference between the two models will be found in the thickness of the handle. Good Luck...Mike
Q:mr spect, can you please send me info on george brett bats. i have 2 1984- 85 t-85 bats.one is approx 30 ounces and the other is 35 ounces they are both the same length approx 34.5 they both look game used but why the big difference in weigth? thanks for any help....mike
A:Hi Mike--

During that period, Brett's Model T85 orders were uniformly 34.5 inches in length and 99% of the time were ordered with a weight of 32 ounces. The acceptable wright gain or loss of a bat over the years has been discussed in the forum several times -- run a search on the forum with search words "bat weight' and some should come up. Basically, while some authenticators are much more liberal in this area than others, plus / minus two or three ounces can occur, based on storage conditions, etc. With your brett bats, check the game use personal brett characteristics closely... here is a link to an excellent discussion of Brett's characteristics written by veteran collector Andy Benish:


Good Luck....

Q:Mike--Curious if you have any records for Gil McDougald? Did he ever order any 34 inch bats or would it be considered an index bat. Thanks. Dave sicollector1954@comcast.net
A:Hi Dave---

Gil's personal order records documents orders of 35 inch bats about 99.9 % of the time, with just a couple of early orders of 36 inch bats. There are no documented records of any 34 inch H & B bats of any model for McDougald.

Q:First time post here and new to the universe, but long time collector of autographs and now getting into the game used pieces. I recently picked up a Bonds bat claiming it was a 87' bat, but after doing research found out the model which it is {H238} had not been issued till 88', march at the earliest. The H238 being a favorite of bonds for years to come from my understanding. No to the question; the bat has a solid crack at the upper area of the handle. Is there anyway to find out what game it was cracked in? Is there records or a database for this info? Again I am a rookie in this genre, but I figure if there is records for the orders made is there records for when they become unusable. This will help me center in on what the bats plate appearance and possible stats produced with this particular bat. Thanks and much appreciated on all the knowledge you've help spread. !!
A:Actually Bonds did have one order of h238 bats in Sept 1987. If the finish of the bat is Natural with a wax application, the bat could be from 1987 or 1988. If the finish is Flame Burned, the bat would be from either 1988 or 1989. As far as your other questions regarding bats that become broken, etc, no such data base exists.

Good Luck
Q:Thanks for the timely response and that's too bad there is no stats or records for broken bats or at least how many each player had in a season would even help center in on the games gamer bats actually had usage in. Regarding the characteristics you mentioned to help identify the bats time period, is there anywhere to find picture examples to match up against my bat or submit just a photo to say yes or no to these characteristics? Being new I can;'t tell what is what just yet since my experience is limited. The bat looks like a glossy finish and has flame like characteristics. Any help would be great, but they may not be what your referring too. Any help would be much appreciated as I love the hunt for the history. Thanks for being the father of modern bat collecting and gamer bat history.
A:to determine the finish of the bat between waxed (uniform blonde finish in appearance) and Flame Burned (grain of the wood appears darkened) post a photo of the barrel in one of the forum sections and we can be definite.

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