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> 2005 MLB Jersey Tagging Update

November 22, 2005

> The Pujols Primer - Version 2.0

September 14, 2005

> Rob Steinmetz

August 06, 2005

Ask This Expert   Rob Steinmetz (Bio)

President and Owner, authenticgamers.com
Expertise: Modern Baseball Jerseys
2005 MLB Jersey Tagging Update November 22, 2005
This article will briefly outline the tagging trends of seven more MLB teams which I've handled this year: the White Sox, Cubs, Astros, Marlins, Phillies, Braves, and Giants.

Cubs: Following the trend of the last several years, the Chicago Cubs have a strip tag sewn into the collar of their jerseys.  In some cases, this strip tag includes only the jersey number, size, and year; while others have the jersey number, size, year, and a set number.  Most of the jerseys without set numbers seem to be from superstar players, like Maddux, Wood, Nomar, and Prior (possibly because they go through many more jerseys in a season than others might).  It's also important to note that 2005 was the first year the Cubs had four different style jerseys: a home pinstripe (no name on back), a home alternate (no name on back), a road alternate (with name on back), and a road gray (with name on back).  The following tagging example is from a 2005 road alternate Derrek Lee jersey:

White Sox: The Sox also use a strip tagging system, but their tagging is sewn just below the Majestic tag on the tail.  Their strip tagging has the year, size, and jersey number.  On a side note, the Sox had specially tagged jerseys made for both the playoffs and World Series.  The following tagging example is from a 2005 home Frank Thomas jersey:

Marlins: For the first time in team history, the Marlins used a strip tagging system (sewn below the Majestic tag on the tail).  I have heard that not all Marlins jerseys had this tagging, but examples from Willis, Delgado, Beckett, and Castillo have been seen.  The strip tagging used by the Marlins has the jersey number, size, year, and a three-digit inventory code.  The following tagging example is from a 2005 alternate Willis jersey:

Braves: The Braves also used an embroidered strip tag for the first time in recent history.  This strip tag includes the size, year, and a set number, and is sewn just below the Majestic tag on the tail.  I am told that a majority of Braves shirts have this type of tagging, with the exception of some late season call-ups and “extras” that may have been ordered by stars like Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones, and Bobby Cox.  The following tagging example is from a 2005 road Francoeur jersey:

Giants: Although I have only seen a handful of 2005 Giants jerseys, some have had year tagging and some have not.  A well-worn 2005 road Alou jersey was spotted at a charity event with a simple “2005” year flag tag sewn next to the size flag tag below the Majestic tagging on the tail.  Others have been seen with only a size flag tag and interior “0062” pro-coded wash tagging.

Phillies and Astros: Both the Phillies and Astros jerseys have no special year tagging.  I’ve seen several examples from both teams, and ALL have had the pro-coded “0062” wash tag, and some have also had interior size and/or customization flag tagging.  Interestingly, there have been many variations in the style and material used on the interior wash tag – a topic that I’ll try to cover in my next contribution. 

As some of you know, I've already outlined some of the 2005 tagging trends of a handful of MLB teams in the Collector's Watercooler section of my website.  For those who missed the first two installments, both can be found by clicking on the following links:



As always, I appreciate the insight and input of my fellow collectors.  Please feel free to email me at authenticgamers@aol.com or call 708.250.5220.


Rob Steinmetz
Authentic Gamers, Inc.

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