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Keep abreast of what is happening in the game used memorabilia hobby as we constantly search the news wires to bring you articles that are important to you.

Bleeding Card Shop Burglar Caught Red-Handed June 29th, 2007
Smashing windows may be hazardous to your crime career.
Young Texas Collector Hits NFL Jackpot June 29th, 2007
After a day of card shop hopping with his Dad, John Michael Copple bought what he thought would be an...
Fan Gives 500th Home Run Ball Back to Thomas June 29th, 2007
Todd Eisenlohr went to the Twins/Blue Jays game in Minnesota Thursday to help celebrate his Mom's birthday. Instead, he gave...
Company to Ressurrect Sport Kings Cards June 29th, 2007
73 years after the first and only set was released by Goudey Gum Co., Sport Kings cards are returning.
Disgraced Financial Advisor Built Nice Collection June 28th, 2007
Oregon residents who got to tour the 'museum' of a wealthy financial advisor over the years got to see quite...
Less Pain; More Gain: Multi-Market Lister Expanding Sellers' Reach June 28th, 2007
NAXCOM's new selling tool is aimed at helping dealers save time but sell more cards.
Griffey Gift: Junior Turns HR Bat Over to Ex-Teammate June 28th, 2007
They hadn't played together in three years, but that didn't stop Ken Griffey Junior from remembering a promise he made...
NBA Star Webber Displays Different Kind of Collection June 28th, 2007
Some players collect jerseys or equipment used by their peers. Detroit Pistons' veteran Chris Webber is a little more...
Topps to Shareholders: Wait for Our Signal June 27th, 2007
Topps apparently still prefers to deal with a company that doesn't currently make baseball cards but promises to look at...
Hall Courts Bonds Memorabilia, Scores More Stuff June 27th, 2007
He doesn't carry a briefcase full of cash, but Jeff Idelson of the Baseball Hall of Fame scored a few...
Negro Leaguers Sign for New Topps Insert June 27th, 2007
One former Negro Leagues player got the star treatment this week, autographing cards to be inserted into an unnamed set...
Signed Michael Jordan Rookie Cards Returning in August June 27th, 2007
Upper Deck hauls out the Fleer name again this summer with an off-season hoops product. Mixed in with the rookies...
Ruth World Series Ticket Stub/Card Sells for $40K June 27th, 2007
The hunt may be on for old autographed World Series ticket stubs after one was turned into a baseball card...
Upper Deck Cranks Up Topps Takeover Try June 26th, 2007
Upper Deck's hostile takeover bid for Topps is underway and the company is ready to pay in cash.
Mining Old Ballparks for Memorabilia June 26th, 2007
The same company that handled the dismantling of Busch Stadium in St. Louis is fixing its sights on another baseball...
Babe Not Always Cuddly with Fans June 26th, 2007
If you think autographs sometimes turn into mob scenes today, try being one of those who chased Babe Ruth's signature...
Topps Will Offer NBA Draft Night Autographed Cards Friday June 26th, 2007
Topps will launch a new concept tied to the day's headlines this week when it offers on-line exclusive autographed basketball...
Donruss Slicing Up Vince Young Texas Jersey June 26th, 2007
A piece of Vince Young's Texas Longhorns quarterbacking career will appear in packages of football cards this year.
eBay Pondering Change June 25th, 2007
The Buy it Now fixed selling price feature might soon have a longer life.
Honus Wagner Card Photo Surfaces June 25th, 2007
The vintage card world is buzzing again with talk about the Holy Grail of Baseball Cards .

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