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Keep abreast of what is happening in the game used memorabilia hobby as we constantly search the news wires to bring you articles that are important to you.

Beckett Will Grade Star Company Sets November 25th, 2008
An often-counterfeited issue goes under the microscope as Beckett jumps into the Star Company basketball grading business.
Feds Built Case Against Sports Card Scammer November 25th, 2008
He had a lot of different names but he didn't always have the cards he was selling.
Steiner Rolls Out Memorabilia Deal with Tide November 25th, 2008
Steiner Sports has landed a marketing deal with the University of Alabama that will include game-worn memorabilia and even photo rights.
Donruss Serving Football Cards on Thanksgiving November 25th, 2008
Donruss thinks fans will gobble up special turkey day trading cards at NFL game sites.
Big Leaguers Offer Game Worn Gear for Special Auction November 25th, 2008
Life has handed former big league pitcher Ricky Stone a bad break. Now his former colleagues are chipping in with some nice game-used memorabilia for a fundraising auction.
Retirement Leaves Sports Card Store Gap in Washington November 24th, 2008
One of the few remaining shops north of Seattle is closing its doors.
Williams..Um..Memorabilia Auction Not a Hit November 24th, 2008
Whadda ya mean, you don't want the head of a cape buffalo shot by Ted Williams?
LA Sports Museum Wows 'Em November 24th, 2008
It's not open yet, but The Sports Museum of Los Angeles seems to be creating quite a buzz.
Williams, Ruth Memorabilia Top Lelands Sale November 23rd, 2008
A Babe Ruth game-used bat and the contract that elevated Ted Williams career from minor to major league were the top selling items in a weekend sports memorabilia auction.
6,600 Card Yankee Stadium Legacy Set: Complete November 23rd, 2008
An Arkansas collector devoted his baseball season to completing the mammoth run of Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy cards. Now, he'll see the new stadium in person.
Daughter's Boyfriend Swipes $54K Vintage Card Collection November 23rd, 2008
Suddenly, having her home by midnight doesn't seem that important.
Burglars Nab Remainder of Hallford's Inventory November 23rd, 2008
A Texas man who had a lot of unhappy customers in his online sports card business is now the victim of a burglary.
Gift For Yourself; Gift for a Kid November 23rd, 2008
I bought myself an early Christmas present last night (love those 40% off coupons from Borders). The 2009 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards might give you a hernia on the way to the cash register, but it's a must-have for...
Follow the T206 Wagner Auction Live November 22nd, 2008
A T206 Honus Wagner card goes on the block today. Open the headline to follow the bidding for it...and track the rest of the items in the Phillip Weiss sports card and memorabilia auction via eBay Live....
Topps Announces Heritage Short Prints November 21st, 2008
2008 Topps Heritage includes a new late-season release and here are the cards you'll have to hunt for if you're chasing the set.
Topps Announces All Rookie Team November 20th, 2008
Two leagues. One lineup. And some little trophies ready to be printed on the baseball cards of 11 players.
Vintage Koufax, Mays Cards Pace Auction November 20th, 2008
Stock market troubles be damned; vintage baseball cards still draw plenty of interested collectors.
Georgia Collector's Mini Museum November 20th, 2008
Johnny Tallant has been at this baseball memorabilia thing for awhile.
New Auction Site Hopes to Lure Collectors November 20th, 2008
A new collectibles auction site hopes to attract part of its business from the sports memorabilia market.
Crime and Punishment: Dealer's Killer Executed November 19th, 2008
A pretty serious vent to our latest sports memorabilia crime report, which includes a couple of burglaries and even an execution.

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