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Thread: Jim rice bat

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    Jim rice bat

    I'm a frequent reader of the forum and a beginning collector of game used bats. I was wondering what some of the veteran collectors though of this Jim Rice bat. Thanks. Kelly

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    Re: Jim rice bat

    I like it.

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    Re: Jim rice bat

    I am not an expert but it looks decent

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    Re: Jim rice bat


    During the 1980 - 1983 H & B labeling period, Jim Rice used numerous models. ranging from 34 1/2 inches to 36 inches in length, with the majority being 36 inches in length. Specifically refering to Model R206, Rice had 3 orders of this model in 34 1/2 inch length, 3 orders in 35 inch length, and 5 orders in 36 inch length during this period.

    This bat matches factory records of R206 bats - 35 inches / 33 ounces - sent to Jim Rice for professional use on 2/9/83 (12 bats), 3/22/83 (6 bats), and 4/27/83 (12 bats).

    This model, R206, was first made specifically for Jim Rice on 3/9/77, when he requested a new model combining a S188 handle and a B267 barrel.

    Good Luck in future collecting.


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    What year's did Jim RIce order S188 bat models? It's interesting that he combined a S188 handle with the B267 barrel to make his R206!



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