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    Re: Carl Yastrzemski K48 Model


    The bats you mention with CY3, CY4, etc atamped into the knob are retail bats, usually stamped with the player's initials and the last number of the length (CY4 = Carl Yasttrzemski 34 inch) or often just the last number of the length(1.e. 4 ).

    Here is a previous thread on Yaz bats that I believe Jim covered earlier:

    Here is the Yaz 1980 ordering info (between 1/31/80 and 8/18/80) :

    36 inches / 34 ounces: C243M (30 bats), R206 (30), M110 (18), D113 (12)

    36 inches / 33 1/2 ounces: D113 (12)

    36 inches / 33 ounces: D113 (12)

    36 inches / 32 1/2 ounces: D113 (18)

    36 inches / 32 ounces: D113 (6)

    Note that early in his career Yaz used several models, including S2, K48, B211, R43 and R45. From July, 1971 he ordered Model W215 over 90 % of the time through 1976. Other much less frequently ordered models during that period were orders of W166, Wi83, P89, K55 and B267. From 1976 through 1981 orders of the following models are documented; P89, W215, D113, B267, C243, R206, and M110, with no particular preference. Bat lengths between 34 inches and 36 inches are documented, with 35 inch and 36 inch bats most characteristic of Yaz' orders.

    For those who are interested, Yaz is responsible for Model Y14 on 4/26/60 using a C28 barrel and S2 handle. Apparently it didn't turn out as he had hoped, as he never ordered that bat again.

    Good Luck in future collecting.


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    Your willingness to share your vast knowledge is very much appreciated. Derek



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