I thought that I would give an introduction on the process used to make up this section. After the debate in March on whether the "public" could order baseball jerseys from McAuliffe/Stall and Dean I contacted everyone that I knew that had ordered jerseys from McAuliffe. Some cooperated in this project and some didn't. To those who did and are reading this THANK YOU. I requested of those individuals who had these jerseys in their "collections" a quantity of jerseys representing essentially 3 teams. The A's, Red Sox and Angels. The usual response from those who cooperated in this was "which player, what size, how many and in the case of the A's which color". For my purposes, I asked for jerseys in the players sizes and tagged, jerseys that were the "wrong" sizes and tagged, jerseys that under "conventional wisdom" shoudn't be tagged but were and finally any invoices that may have been retained. I had a fairly good response and what will be presented here represents a small portion of what's out there. Also, I did not use/ photograph every jersey sent here as there were in some cases multiples of each player which became redundant so I limited those players to a maximum of 5.

A word about the McAuliffe process: In the '70's and '80's anyone who had the inclination, could contact McAuliffe/Stall and Dean and order jerseys of the teams that were mfr'd under the McAuliffe label. Jerseys could be ordered in either the players sizes or whatever size requested and since it was standard procedure to tag ANY baseball jersey with the 4 tags (mfr, year, size and wash) the jersey would be made with what was the normal tagging on the A's, Red Sox and Angels. The only difference was that for the jerseys made in the '80's the non blue border mfr tag was used. You will note in the photos in the various threads, that since all of these jerseys were ordered in the '80's, none of them have the blue bordered mfr tag that was used as the primary (meaning most common) tag from 1975-1980. Some of the forum members have referred to these jerseys as "retail" However, if you're using todays standards as a reference, there is no comparison as there was no "mass producing" of these jerseys, no retail outlets, no racks of blank jerseys, nothing. Each jersey was custom made at the time of the order.

When photographing the jerseys sent to me, I made no attempt to show much in the way of detail of the jerseys as the primary focus of this project was to show that these jerseys do exist and with the tags.

Finally, None of the jerseys represented in the various threads has ever been used in a major league game or by the players represented. None of the jerseys have been offered for sale and according to the owners, they never will be.