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Thread: Mixed Messages

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    Mixed Messages

    I'm a little confused regarding the popular opinion of the McAuliffe tagging - specifically, for a 1975 Red Sox jersey. I've been told that the manufacturer's tag (for a 1970s gamer) should have the surrounding blue border (like the year tag).
    On Lon Lewis' posts, however, the 1970s gamers have NO border around the McAuliffe collar tag. None of them.
    Which is the authentic 1970s style?

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    Re: Mixed Messages

    Peabody, There is no mixed message for this folder. ALL of the jerseys posted here were ordered in the '80's NONE of them are " gamers" ( your term) This whole folder was designed to show that the "public" could obtain fully tagged and correctly sized jerseys from McAuliffe/ Stall and Dean in the '70's and 80's. As stated in my introduction and as shown here, the '80's jerseys all carried the non bordered mfr tags.



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