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Thread: Team LOAs

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    Team LOAs

    posted by Chris Cavalier Hello Everyone-

    I had a conversation recently with someone on gameusedforum.com about a jersey that was purchased from a team store, with a team LOA, that may have some issues with it.

    Has anyone else had situations like this occur? I would love to hear any thoughts on the subject.


    Bernie Gernay wrote 2005-09-12 19:26:32
    RE: Team LOAs
    There have been numerous LOA's from NFL teams that turned out to be fake regarding game used jerseys. The 49ers being the most common. Even team LOA's are suspect at times.


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    Re: Team LOAs

    Back in 2001, the Buffalo Bills offered for sale a large number of late 1990's jerseys. These all came with a COA from the team's merchandising wing stating that they were "game-worn." A number of the "game-worn" jerseys were in actuality crispy-mint, team-issued or game-ready pieces--although they were accompanied by a beautiful document signed by the head of the merchandising wing stating that they were game-worn. Certainly, there were some jerseys in the mix that were game-worn, so the document was factual in those regards. However, the bottom-line here is that the person signing the document never actually saw the jerseys, and wouldn't know a game-worn jersey from a team-issued piece anyway. The merchandising department merely assumed that since the jerseys were coming from the equipment room, they had to have been game-worn. This scenario is not uncommon with team COA/LOA. The person who is signing the document is very often removed from the jerseys themselves and has no knowledge or experience with game-worn/used uniforms--JIM



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