here is a primer on tagging for MLB Majestic bp jerseys from the early 80s to the present. the primer is divided into 2 areas - collar and outside tail; the 2 areas where majestic tagged their bp jerseys.

depending on the year and style, majestic bp jerseys were either tagged solely in the collar, solely on the body, or both.

majestic made bp jerseys in v-neck pullover, 2-button pullover, half-zip pullover, and buttondown pullover styles. each of these were tagged differently even within the same year. half-zips, for example, were never tagged in the body. v-neck pullovers, on the other hand, were usually tagged on the body.

the primer may seem awkwardly laid out, however, due to the facts mentioned above, it's the only way to accurately present the data. if you're going to use the primer to date Majestic bp jerseys, then first find out whether that specific style of bp jersey should be tagged in the collar, body, or both according to pro (not retail) specs. then look to the primer to date the actual tags present. if the jersey has a tag in the collar, it should fit be able to be dated by one of the eras in the primer's "collar" area. if it also has a tag in the tail, it should be able to be dated by one of the eras in the "outside tail" area. these 2 dates should then overlap to give you a more precise idea of when the jersey was used.

if anyone has any insight or corrections, i'd love to hear it.

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