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Thread: Charity Events

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    Charity Events

    Hello Everyone,

    We have a forum rule which states:

    No Advertising or Website Promotion. Please do not post any messages anywhere on this site that are primarily for the promotion or advertising of any website, item for sale (other than in the 'Collector to Collector Classifieds' section as per its rules), forum, email address, business, multi-level marketing activity or other entity without prior approval from Game Used Universe.

    As the founder of Game Used Universe, I would like to formally state that I am willing to make posts on Game Used Universe for events IF they are specifically designed to support a charity and are not business endeavors with a primary purpose of making money for some company.

    If you are interested in having your charity event posted on Game Used Universe, please email me at chris@gameuseduniverse.com and I will review it for posting on the site. Please note that if you post it here without approval it will be deleted regardless of what it is.

    We have rules here and those rules must be followed. However, I wanted to let people know this is the type of thing I would be willing to approve for posting if it meets the criteria mentioned above.

    Christopher Cavalier
    Vice President of Consignments - Goldin Auctions

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    Re: Charity Events

    As I mentioned in the post above, I offered to review any charity related information to potentially approve and post on Game Used Universe. With that said, I am making this post on behalf of one of our moderators David Louie. Please note that there is a website where people can make donations directly if they are interested. Needless to say, I support this cause and have approved it to post here:

    My friend Bonnie Hayslip's son Brandon was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2010 and was healed and cancer free up until it reoccurred June of this year.
    Unfortunately this time around the prognosis was grim as it was discovered that the new cancer was inoperable and now Brandon has been given less than 1 month to live.

    This year Brandon and his wife Christina were also blessed with a new baby girl, Aria. Unfortunately, now Brandon will not be there to take care of his wife and child. To make matters worse, given the condition of his health, Brandon was denied life insurance so his family will be left without any financial security.

    His family is making a plea for donations so that Christina and Aria can find some financial security after Brandon is gone. A Gun Forum to which Brandon belongs has raised over $47,000 in the donation drive. While this will help Christina and Aria, it is no where near what they will need given the situation. I would like to extend the same invitation to the members of the GUU forum to help in this time of need.

    To hear Brandon's story really puts things into perspective about life. We've all been blessed with health and the ability to use our disposable income to support our hobbies and collections. Please consider making a donation so that Christina and Aria can meet the basic necessities of life. I know you will be blessed because you did.

    If you are moved to give please donate to Brandon's fund at:


    To hear about Brandon's story please see the Colorado News 9 report at:


    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    David Louie
    Christopher Cavalier
    Vice President of Consignments - Goldin Auctions

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    Moderator metsbats's Avatar
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    Nov 2005

    Re: Charity Events

    Today around noon Brandon Hayslip passed away. Prayers are with his family especially his wife Christina and his young daughter Aria.

    The fund raising site has raised 63K of the 100K goal for a grand total of about 124k to date. On behalf of the Hayslip family I would like to thank Chris for being able to post this charity event on the GUF and to all those who donated.

    Thank you and God Bless

    Always looking for 1973,1986,1988,1999,2000,2006 game used Mets post season and Bobby M. Jones and Ed Hearn NY Mets game used bats.

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    Jun 2012

    Re: Charity Events

    I have followed Brandon's story on another website and saw today where he had passed away. Such a sad thing but his wife seems to be very strong in her faith.



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