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Thread: Hello Members

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    Hello Members- expert introduction

    Hello Game Used Universe Members -

    In late August I contacted some of the Game Used Forum moderators to volunteer my time and accumulated knowledge to the Game Used Universe community in the role of "Game Used Bat Expert". It's a great opportunity to further expand my participation in a great group of knowledgeable collectors that has given so much. Time to give back.

    I've been an off-and-on poster on Game Used Forum since I registered ten years (TEN YEARS, WOW!!!) ago this month. There have been numerous changes in the hobby in those ten years and I firmly believe that Chris Cavalier, Game Used Universe, and those thousands of registered members over the years have been instrumental in facilitating positive changes in the hobby by calling out fraud when necessary, sharing valuable info, and by becoming a true hobby community made up of both rookie and veteran collectors. In fact, for me personally, I know that some of my closest friends in the hobby I came in contact with due to Game Used Universe.

    It is with this sense of community in mind that I begin my tour posting in a new capacity on Game Used Forum. More than ever, I'm excited for the future of Game Used Universe and I look forward to coming into contact with members new and old.

    Happy Collecting,
    Tim Byington
    Hall of Fame Bats

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    Re: Hello Members

    Let me just say that it is a pleasure to have Tim here as our resident bat expert. Tim is extremely knowledgable and I for one am excited to see that he is on board here to impart his wisdom on us. He is also just an all around good guy!

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    Re: Hello Members


    Great to have you onboard and look forward to what I know will be educational posts.


    Always looking for 1973,1986,1988,1999,2000,2006 game used Mets post season and Bobby M. Jones and Ed Hearn NY Mets game used bats.

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    Re: Hello Members

    Hi Tim. I want to know if you're aware of anything a collector can do to prevent or more importantly stop the progress of deadwood. The separation of the wood grain that at worst will resemble a pinecone. I had started a thread I believe last year, that argued that keeping the humidity up (like a cigar humidor) will prevent the wood from drying out (which I believe is the culprit). Any thoughts?



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