Hello Everyone,

Below is the text from an email I sent out earlier today to GUU members.
I figured I would also post it here as well in case some members do not check their emails frequently.

We are gearing up for Goldin Auctions' live auction event at this year's National Convention in Chicago on July 27th. There will be an amazing lineup of items for the live event as well as an incredible array of items closing in the internet portion on August 5th. Items can be viewed at GoldinAuctions.com as well at Goldin Auctions' booth at the National in Chicago.

In addition, we are now accepting consignments for a number of upcoming auctions this fall. Specifically:

1) Our October Legends Auction - This has the makings of possibly being one of our biggest auctions to date;

2) Our September Great American Trading Card Auction - This will be a very special limited auction of 100 lots of quality trading cards in September; and

3) Our Special Americana and Rock & Roll Auction - This will be a special auction of quality non-sports memorabilia.

If you have any items for any of those three special auction events, please contact me as soon as possible and I will be happy to assist you.

In addition, if you are interested in meeting in person at the National, I will be happy to accept your consignments in person and bring them back to our headquarters in New Jersey.

If you would like to meet in person, please contact me ASAP so we can set up a time to get together. I can be reached via email at Chris@gameuseduniverse.com.

I look forward to serving you in every way possible and hopefully having the opportunity to see you in person.