With the recent injury to the little girl who was hit in the head at Yankee Stadium by a line drive it is time to put netting farther down the foul lines. Balls are being smashed into the stands at 100 miles an hour and even an alert fan with a glove could be hit. I remember a Rangers game some years ago where after a rain delay there were some empty seats in front of me. Pudge Rodriguez hit a rocket and the ball hit the top of the seat in front of me and shot up past my head. I was braced with my glove to catch the ball but didn't stand a chance to get my glove up when it shot off the top of the chair and went by my head. Obviously the netting doesn't have to go all the way down the foul line, but it should extend far enough where fans aren't trying to catch or dodge bullets that would test major league players. And pop fouls could still be caught by fans. In the long run a foul ball is just a meaningless strike and not worth seriously endangering the lives of fans. With the way balls are being smashed today someone is going to get killed and even the players are saying extend the netting.