I am looking to make a huge acquisition, and so I am selling some incredible bats. 7 bats, 4 of them MLB authenticated, all 7 expected to be on the playoff roster.

Lonnie Chisenhall - Chandler, MLB authenticated from 2015, photo matched with exact moment bat cracked. Crack is on the back so basically invisible on display. $200

Edwin Encarnacion - X-Bat from ~2009, has Reds number 12 on the knob, signed with his #10 from Blue Jays time frame. Light crack. $250

Michael Brantley - Old Hickory, dates from 2012 season. Tremendous use, pine tar etc, uncracked. $200

Carlos Santana - Marucci, uncracked from 2014. Signed, tons of gunk on the bat as he is known to do. $150

Yan Gomes - Max, MLB Auth, Signed, light crack. $150

Yandy Diaz - Phoenix, MLB Auth, Broken, but presents very well. Photo matched to the moment bat snapped (really cool picture of the barrel in the air). Game 19 of the recent 22 game streak. $200

Gio Urshella - Dinger, MLB Auth from 2015, pretty heavy crack that has been repaired. Smudged auto. $100

I am willing to do discounts on multiples. It will hurt to let these go.