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    Thurman Thomas GRAILS

    Hello All,

    I tried looking up to see what the policies were for something of this nature - but the general catch all rules page referenced specifically the classified rules and there was nothing pinned in this thread.
    Chris, if I have broken a rule or am on the cusp of doing so, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to adjust accordingly.

    I recently was reached out to by a family member of Thurman who had found a few boxes full of old Bills jerseys from 1990-1992. We went through what was roughly half a team set of issued starters.
    Once that was complete - he mentioned he had 2 of Thurmans game used jerseys as well. One was a key jersey in both Bills history and Thomas's career... his main 1991 MVP jersey. This can obviously be easily photomatched and is hands down the coolest jersey I've ever seen.
    The 2nd, is a Thurman Pro Bowl jersey. This was very very neat as well, and although it doesn't have the same historical pizzazz the MVP one does - it is quite the piece.
    Both jerseys will come with a letter from the player stating unequally when they were worn.

    Obviously, these are not cheap. His issue is there were 2 jerseys worn during 91 ( the repairs on this are just insane) and one resides here and the other is in the HOF.
    As a result, there is nothing to really compare this to for historical sales figures. Even if there was, I'd imagine the situation would be a bit different due to the provenance.

    He is in no hurry to sell, but figured he would at least make it known these jerseys could be for sale incase there is a collector out there that has been looking to add a jersey of this stature to their collection. I recommended he send it to an auction company, but said he would prefer to deal with people privately.
    Now, I dont want this to turn into a thread like the Steve Young 1994 boat nonsense and am more just posting this incase anyone does want more info.
    If nothing else, its a cool jersey to see and maybe it ends up in the hobby!!

    If so, please feel free to email andrew.hasseler@gmail.com and I'll point you in the right direction!!


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