Easy: Craig Kimbrel will likely finish his career with over 700 saves. Why?

He's currently sitting at 293 career saves. This season, he'll likely have 45 saves. That would place him at 336.

If he averages only 33 saves per season for 11 more years, he'll be sitting on 699.

His workload is fairly light, and there's a good chance he'll have 1500+ Ks for his career.

I wouldn't be surprised by the following line for his career:

sub-2.50 ERA
1600 Ks
725 saves
sub-1000 BB+H
sub-70 HRs

Remember, Kimbrel isn't even considered the best closer right now. That's Kenley Jansen.

It's entirely viable that Rivera ends up being #3 on the all-time closer (saves) list a mere five seasons after his 2019 HOF induction speech.