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    Team Garage Sales

    Anybody ever have the opportunity to attend a “Garage Sale” put on by your favorite team?!?! The Minnesota Vikings held one in conjunction with their Draft Party this past Thursday night, and offered tons of game worn jerseys for $25 and $50 along with many other artifacts from the team’s 40+ year history. I was able to pick up 10 game worn and practice/Training Camp jerseys for $25! Mostly role-players, but for $25 each, too hard to pass up such a steal of a deal! The best one I found was a Jake Reed practice jersey from 1998. See photos for details.
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    Senior Member Samets's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    Very nice!

    Chicago Bears had used jock straps! I AM NOT kidding! They had a box of old Reebok pants and a box of undies... Sad.

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    Senior Member
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    Apr 2009
    Not only that, but when they had their sales at the Bears Fan Convention last decade, their equipment guy, Tony Handlin, refused to allow anyone in with a dealer badge, even if the person was merely a dealer employee and not a dealer himself. They also used to use a time clock that allowed fans 5 minutes, tops, to look through the items before being sent to pay for what they wanted and subsequently booted out of the sale. Of course, it's the No Fun League, so I guess it's not that surprising.

    Dave Miedema

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    Senior Member Samets's Avatar
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    Apr 2012

    5 minutes? Ha! It's 2 minutes this year...

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    Curious to know, did they sell game used helmets the recent Vikings Team garage sale?

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    Typo correction: "Curious to know, did they sell game used Vikings helmets at the recent Vikings Team garage sale?"

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    No, the game-worn stuff was strictly jerseys, pants, and practice jerseys, from what I saw.



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