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    May 2012

    😳Results from NBA auctions

    I was just scrolling through the final bids of the recently sold jerseys from game 1 of the NBA Finals and I have to say it gets to a point where it is just crazy!
    Not only sold the Curry and James for more than 100k each, but the jersey worn by J.R. Smith, who famously MISSED a great opportunity to win that close game, went for 23500$!
    Despite the fact that there are so many more items available the prizes exploded regardlessly. The hobby definitely has changed.

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    the same person wins them all. a few years ago they used to show the bidder IDs, and it was always the guy who won every jersey. when i say every jersey, i mean literally every jersey from any even halfway notable player from every event there was an auction for (with a few minor exceptions). money is no option to this guy. if i remember correctly, the username was "jtnbafan". then i noticed someone started to bid under the username "jtnbafansucks". shortly after that, bidder IDs were no longer shown.

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    May 2013
    jtnbafan was rumored to be Justin Timberlake. Justin has been a collector of jerseys since the early 2000's so it would not surprise me.

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    May 2012
    I followed this absurd development in the past, too. He bought literally every piece.
    When you google jtnbafan the first result is Jim Taubenfeld, a guy who obviously is a NBA follower and would match very well.
    Anyway, guys like jtnbafan definitely love collecting and their hobby as they willingly and aggressively overpay (imho) on so many items.



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