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    Question Gaylord Perry 1980s GU jerseys

    Many, maybe most, of GUU members know that Gaylord Perry spent the last few years of his MLB career marketing memorabilia that he used and wore, specifically while with the Mariners and Royals.

    In the game used jersey department of his offerings, the oddity is that of the GU jerseys he has brought into the market, 90% of them are Seattle home jerseys. There are more of those in hobby circulation that Mariners roads and Royals hoe and road combined. My question is why?

    I've thought that it may be due to the manufacturers. The Seattle homes were made by Rawlings at the time; Seattle roads and both styles of Royals knits were made by Wilson. Wilson has never been known for making deals with teams about jerseys. More than one person has indicated to me that their unwillingness to offer no-cost or low-cost deals on unis is why, despite having a superior product, they never corralled a MLB uniform deal because Rawlings and subsequent official suppliers were undercutting Wilson on price. The same type of dealing maybe because Rawlings was willing to go the extra mile for Gaylord and Wilson wasn't..

    Keep in mind: what I just wrote is hypothesis, not proven fact. Unlike CNN, however, I'll say that up front, and not state it as fact without researching it or getting input from others. I'm interested in hearing whether you believe that my hypothesis makes sens, or you have a different set of thoughts. I'm open to having this discussed. At least a few of you, please respond.

    Dave Miedema

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    Dave, I think your hypothesis holds water. Also to add a point on the lack of Kansas City Royals jerseys, I've heard from former Royals players that equipment manager Al Zych was tough to get jerseys from so that could also add to the smaller numbers.



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