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    Oct 2014

    VSA Auctions ended last night

    Anyone take a look at the auctions last night? A lot of interesting lots in there..a lot of jersey came with "understhirts"

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    Nov 2012
    I was following many of the items, I thought the "long sleeve collection" was really interesting and some great jerseys. Several items should have gone for more, especially since they were all blessed by Dave M, just like a Goldin Auctions. The Michael Jordan items were FANTASTIC, as well as the Frank Thomas rookie jersey, all of which had great provenance. I really wish we knew more about the collector that unloaded all that stuff, that was a great collection.

    On the "I didn't love so much" side, there were several batting helmets that just didn't line up (i.e., Bonds, Ripken Jr, Sheffield) and had things wrong with them.

    Otherwise I thought that was an incredible lineup from a smaller auction house that clearly made a great deal with a big collector.

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    May 2013
    I found lots of inconsistencies with VSA Auctions with not just the batting helmets but also the jersey's. That is why i stay away from VSA.

    One example would be say the 2001 Ichiro. He wore a size 46-48 in 2001 at least the ones i have seen with an Ichiro COA. VSA's is a size 44. This is just one example of many.



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