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    how is everyone doing?

    Post how you are doing, if you are locked at home by state or choice
    i am staying at home mostly by choice, goldin auctions is running a reduced staff on a rotating basis , at least until and if we are told we are not allowed
    i am working remotely and doing private sales from home .
    all feeling fine

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    All is good - self isolation by California order.
    Watching some good rerun stuff on ESPN - 1992 Dream Team - Fab 5 Michigan - Lakers/Celtics 1980's NBA Finals.
    I have spent time reviewing many photos of my baseball collection of 30 years. Enjoying the memories of how I acquired the items and the people involved. Also - my first meeting at my home with Ken Goldin when I decided to "let others enjoy the items".
    We had a very good association and enjoyable experience.

    Everyone needs to adhere to the recommended procedures of self distancing - hand washing/sanitizing and above all stay positive.

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    I had a scare a few weeks ago when I went to the ER with flu-like symptoms. I was admitted and spent 4 days there, but, thank God, it was "just" a strong case of plain ol' flu...NOTHING in terms of COVID19.

    Illinois is now also in a state of self-isolation, with residents strongly urged to leave their homes only for essential acts (grocery and pharmacy shopping, medical appointments) as well as a few personal/family activities (normal exercising, walking your dog, etc.) I've gotten most of my strength back since my time on the DL.

    Everyone reading this, stay healthy and act intelligently.

    Dave Miedema

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    I'm surprised that NJ hasn't passed a similar order to NY, given proximity and the number of NJ-based individuals who work in NYC.

    Here in Hawaii, they announced yesterday that we would be shutdown effective 26 Mar.

    I think we're going about things wrong (they're allowing visitors in, but mandating they stay in their hotel, or be subject to a $5000 fine, for 14 days after arrival), and the lead on our Corona response team is the Lt Gov, who will be running for Gov in 2022.

    Beyond that, found some interesting data. Apparently, Type-A blood types are showing as more likely to present with the Virus.

    I'm just glad Larry Walker finally made the HoF.



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