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    Auction Paused due to Hardware overload and Failure- Details and Resolution

    Hello to everyone who placed a bid or consigned in our spring auction.

    The auction has been paused during extended bidding. Due to an unprecedented number of bidders the server failed. The auction will NOT close tonight as the problem cannot be fixed tonight. As such, you will be not be able to bid tonight. Do not worry, you are not locked out and it is not your system.

    The auction will remain paused until we speak to the server company in the morning and get a timetable to switch onto a server system that can handle the volume we generate.

    As you know we encountered the problem last night and were hopeful we would be able to resume the auction today, but obviously we were not able to do so and sincerely apologize.
    As soon as we have this information, we will give everyone ample notice of when extending bidding will begin. We are hopeful that this will occur within the next couple of days.
    When the auction resumes, it will be in extended bidding with 25 minutes left on the clock. You will receive at least 24 hours’ notice prior to bidding commencement and extended bidding rules will still be in effect.

    I have been a collector and card/memorabilia dealer for 40+ years. I know how serious we all take our collections and how passionate we all are about these auctions. At Goldin, like you, we believe our auction are ‘events’ more than they are simply auctions.

    We are again sorry for this horrible inconvenience however for the sake of all our bidders and consignors we cannot allow an auction to close when users cannot use the system. The system became unusable at approximately 6pm EST. at which point I received many panicked emails, calls and texts from bidders who were worried about losing out on their key item because the system would not take their bids.

    This “pause”, and fix is the only way to keep the integrity of the auction.

    My commitment to you is that this server failure will never happen again in a future auction as we will we be migrating to a different cloud server system with unlimited user capacity.

    Please note that ALL ORDERS FOR THIS AUCTION WILL SHIP FREE OF CHARGE AND THE COSTS ABSORBED BY US. Applicable insurance cost will still apply.

    We have built this company from a startup in 2012 to an industry leader today, and this is a tough growing pain for all of us at Goldin Auctions. I assure you again this will be dealt with and we will be better for it as user experience at Goldin is paramount to us.
    We will provide an update as soon as possible by email- stay tuned.
    Thank you for your efforts, understanding and consideration, it means the world to us

    Very truly yours.
    The Goldin Auctions Team and

    Ken Goldin
    Chief Executive Officer
    Goldin Auctions
    160 E. 9th Avenue Suite A
    Runnemede, NJ 08078

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    Sep 2012
    If you have bids in the current auction, you will get an email tonight with details on the new auction close.
    below is a letter from Simple Auction Site.

    We at Simple Auction would like to apologize to Goldin Auctions and all of its bidders and consignors for the recent issues that have occurred. Simple Auction provides the software platform as well as the servers for Goldin Auctions (as well as over 150 other auction companies) and takes full responsibility for the issues that took place over the weekend during the past auction. The issues that occurred rest solely with Simple Auction.
    We were aware based on conversations with Ken Goldin that the traffic and volume would be tremendous and we did all that we could to be ready for the volume of traffic for this event. Based on this information we did appropriate load testing and other things to mitigate any problems, and represented to Goldin Auctions we were prepared to handle the expected volume. We obviously failed and we again would like to apologize Goldin Auctions and its customer base over the weekend, and again, we sincerely apologize. ​​
    We are working diligently with Goldin Auctions on a solution that will ensure a smooth and seamless close of the auction and also new uninterrupted solutions for future auctions. Expect details on this to be announced within the next twenty-four hours and we guarantee a smooth close of Goldin Auctions' Spring Auction this week. Thank you for your patience and understanding.​
    Bob Freedman​​
    Simple Auction Site



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