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Thread: COA Recovery

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    COA Recovery

    I recently purchased a game used jersey from an auction house. When I received the jersey, the COA and LOA were missing. I contacted the auction house and they stated they had misplaced them, but they could possibly get a new LOA. The COA could not be replaced.

    Does anyone have any experience in having COAs reissued? Thanks!

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    going to need more details on the company, auction house, etc. before someone could offer advice. where are the COA and LOA from? every company is different.

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    Sorry, could have given more information. Auction house was Goldin, paid at the end of May (Spring 2020 Auction) and contacted them at the end of June to ascertain the status of the jersey. They hadnt shipped it yet (error in shipping dept) and shipped it a few days later. Received the jersey mid July but it was missing the COA from Fanatics and the LOA from RGU. I sent another email and was told they could not be found, so a new LOA from RGU would be ordered but I was SOL on the COA.

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    Id check with Fanatics and tell them the situation - Ive found their customer service is good when there is a problem. If there was a picture of the COA posted with Goldin then Id share that copy with Fanatics. Worse case they dont feel comfortable to issue a replacement yet Id ask. Also place a copy of the original one Goldin posted with the auction listing in your files so you have that at least.


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    I am just learning about this
    checkig into that happened and will contact fanatics personally

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    Thanks Ken, received it today! I appreciate the help.

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    Your welcome!



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