Many of you may be aware of this, but likely not all of you.

Over the 1960s, the Athletics (both Kansas City and Oakland versions) got the most out of some of the uniforms they wore. Styles were sometimes worn for multiple years in spring training after their season of use in the regular season.

Here's a case in point:

The player shown on this TCMA card is outfielder Mike Hershberger. His uniform in this photo is the basic style worn by the A's in 1962. The photo was taken in spring training of 1965...Hershberger's first time wearing a Kansas City uniform after an off-season trade with the White Sox.

Other photos can be found on baseball cards (Topps, TCMA and others) that also display this uniform oddity. Charlie Finley operated on a budget when he owned the team, whether he needed to or not. This is just one example.

Dave Miedema