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    Mar 2015

    coa question please

    Hi everyone! My question is basically how important is a COA? I recently bought a jersey from a well-respected seller, and in the sale description it said " This jersey will come with an original letter of authenticity from the Redskins.". I received the jersey and there was no COA as listed. The jersey is a throwback that was only used for one game all year. Photos show it was most likely the jersey used in that game. If/when something happens to me and my wife has to pass the jersey on, does a COA matter if the pictures are a good match? I saw an NFL auction last nite where the jersey was completely wrong for the game listed, yet it still sold for $1200 and it came with a COA for the wrong game. So how much does the COA really matter? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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    Photomatch>COA any day of the week, in my opinion.

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    Senior Member tom1315's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    If matched in a game - good enough for me. COA becomes secondary. Id probably invest in a good picture from Getty Images or Almay and place with your jersey.


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    Mar 2015
    Thanks! I have a good photo including one from his locker before the game,and a bit of video from the game also The seller actually came thru with a COA so in the future if anything happens my wife will be abe to do something with it. I think a good photomatch is better than a COA too but there are people who can't live without that COA!

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    COAs...LOAs....are virtually worthless. Ive had the actual athlete swear to me the jersey was worn in so and so game, and I proved that they were full of it. A jersey stands up to photo matching scrutiny or it does not. Its that simple. No photo match = guessing = errors = bad jerseys.
    ALWAYS buying PHOTO MATCHED Marcus Allen and Anfernee Hardaway jerseys. Also always buying Tennessee Volunteer jerseys and anything Tony Delk.



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