I'm offering a GU cracked bat for shipping and handling costs only...no charge for the bat. Since I can't post photos, I'll describe as best I can.

The bat is a blonde Marucci used by Emilio Bonifacio during 2014 spring training with the Cubs. The number 43 is engraved in the knob and written inside the cupped area of the barrel end.

My attribution to being used in spring training is based on the "born on date" on the knob (03/11/14) as well as the number ID. Bonifacio wore #62 during the regular season, and the only #43 on the Cubs regular season roster was a pitcher who was called up in September, appeared in 3 games, and never played in the Majors again.

The crack has no pieces missing, but the area where the crack is has the wood on one side sticking up a little higher than the wood on the other side. There are over a half dozen ball marks on the barrel, and the bat had pine tar applied up to the same area as where the crack is. Bat measures 34/30.5

Seeking $15 to cover S&H. PayPal preferred. Questions on this item are welcomed.

Dave Miedema
Email only...not for PayPal.