I am not a "Big Item" collector, just someone who enjoys good examples of older game used jerseys. I was more active about 10 years ago, but still didn't chase the high profile player jerseys, just too costly for me then and still today. I still browse the auction house sites occasionally to see what's out there, but don't bid. Many of the older jerseys I see have starting bids in the thousands. I understand it's a "state of the market" thing and that certain player items have their interest levels. I always wondered what type of customers/collectors are paying thousands of dollars for a single jersey. Are these mainly businesses, institutions, or other other large entities with big checkbooks? I know there are lots of private collectors who make large investments for their personal collection, and I know everyone's economic situation is different. But just the thought of someone shelling out 7k+ from their checking or savings for a game jersey to hang in there man cave is intriguing. Yes, there are many reason why one does this for his/her personal collection, and hats off for being in the position to do so. I don't knock anyone who has the means to support their collecting habits.

As an example scenario, there is a Roger Maris 60/61 jersey, photo matched and all, about to be offered at one of the AH. Starting bids will be 25k. Who would be more of the type to pursue and win that jersey -a representative of a business, organization etc. or a private collector?