Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new to the collecting side of baseball. Could someone give me an accurate description of the term "team index bat" please?

I'm not to familiar with the older records, that's a little beyond me and I'll leave that to people who have been deciphering them for a long time. I am however very well versed in the modern ordering records. In them I have never seen a team order bats with a players name on them unless it was specifically for that player. Unless the order doesn't have a weight and then it's just a souvie.

Now I don't know if players use to do this but a common practice now is a player will order bats for another teammate. The reason for this is even though they are Pros and get the best there is a priority list of players that get the best of the best including wood. So a guy who feels he isn't getting great wood will have another player on the list order bats for him.